Tourists washed off road by flood waters


Police were called out to assist in a vehicle in floodwaters near Santa Teresa on Monday.
Senior Sergeant Michael Potts said that a white Toyota Troop-carrier had been washed off the road about 15 kilometres west of the community.
“On arrival Police observed the vehicle being washed downstream about 30 metres with the level of the creek about one metre over the road,” says Sgt Potts.
“The driver of the vehicle was from overseas and did not speak English well, so communication was conducted with the translation application on the Police iPad.
“This is a timely reminder to stay out of floodwaters this wet season. Don’t enter floodwaters – even water 30cm deep could sweep you off your feet.”
Says Sgt Potts: After heavy rain in your area …
• Never try to drive, ride or walk through floodwater.
• Stay away from rivers, creeks and drains.
• Keep informed about weather patterns and weather forecasts and act on any advice.
• Move to higher ground if necessary.
“In this instance the driver of the vehicle managed to escape unharmed, but it might not be the case next time. Do not become a statistic this wet season and follow these common sense guidelines when it comes to flood waters,” says Sgt Potts.

– Police Media Release


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