Moggies may not be roaming all that far


p2299-Jen-Kreusser-2By ERWIN CHLANDA
It’s back to the drawing board for Jen Kreusser who is doing a study about how far domestic cats are roaming when they are not confined.
Early results indicated distances of up to 2.5 kilometers, but alarm bells started to ring when one participating moggie owner cast doubt on the result – especially when the altitude recorded was 3000 metres.
Alice is only 600 meters above sea level.
A second look indicated data to be erroneous when, for example, the animal was under a car: Then the global position reader strapped to the cat could not make contact with a sufficient number of satellites – usually about eight.
Ms Kreusser will now re-examine the readings, and obtain news ones, which will likely take until early next year.
“We’re hoping to engage with the community and volunteer pet owners about the locations their pet cats visit,” says Ms Kreusser, “and inform people about the potential impact of domestic cats on the Alice Springs urban ecosystem.
“The project is supported by Territory Natural Resource Management, and facilitated through the community, not-for-profit, nature conservation programs Garden for Wildlife and Land for Wildlife.”
Ms Kreusser is pictured with receivers attached to harnesses (in the foreground of the photo).


  1. Very easy tracking here in Palmerston with no cost of expensive tracking device: Four cats from two houses down, we are the only residence without a dog or any pets.
    Lizards, small birds up to native pigeon size continually being killed in our yard. Cat shite is anywhere from our front lawn to gardens or even on the front door step.
    Monitoring of owners brains and senses is the key to an awareness that moggie will “hurt a fly”.


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