French flag to be raised at 6.30pm at council lawns


p2295-French-flagBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Members of the small French community, which no doubt will be joined by many other locals, will be raising the French flag at the council lawns at 6.30pm today.
The function, to express sadness over the tragic events in Paris, and support for the families of the victims, is being organised by Evelyne Roullet.
Councillor Eli Melky has offered to ask the council to interrupt this evening’s meeting so that the elected members and staff can participate in the vigil.
Cr Melky said last night: “It is entirely appropriate at a time of such devastation and sadness that a community comes together to show solidarity and support those who are hurting from these terrible events. I will do my best to contact Council and fellow elected members to gain their support.”


  1. I would like to make a little amendment: I am not alone in the organisation of the event, Coralie Petit is highly involved.

  2. This is an appropriate and timely response to the latest terrorist atrocity. I am encouraged that Council has chosen to do this. But let’s also remember the 43 killed and 239 wounded in Beirut a day before the Paris outrage, and the 224 Russians killed when their plane was downed over the Sinai a fortnight ago.
    And after a period of mourning, isn’t it time to take a good look at these terrorists, whether “moderate” or “radical” and choose your own acronym?
    Who trains them? Who arms them? Who funds them?

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alice Springs News Online and ABC Radio, our only true media, and community communication channels, who early Saturday morning, made personal contacts with members of the French community, offering support and any help we could need.
    I also express my deep appreciation to Eli Melki who showed concerns for his constituents, even as he was very concerned for his own family overseas.
    That is what I call community spirit.

  4. @ Hal: Well said, and I truly agree.
    This is the by-product of America and the English have stirred up. They should have never gone into Iraq.
    They went into there and told everyone lies.
    In the last 239 years, everywhere the Americans get involved, causes misery and war. They have also been at war for the last 220 year of the 239.
    Like him or hate him, the man who has the guts and the fortitude to do something to solve this problem is the Russian president Putin.

  5. Hi Erwin, just want to say that Eli Melky and I have had our differences over the years, including in the comments section of your paper, but well done to the man for building community spirit through his actions during this horrible time.
    You are a man of compassion Eli, an immigrant to our shores I believe, and what you have done recently is a credit to you. Well done champ.

  6. Ray: Like you I have not always agreed with Eli, but like me he is an immigrant, so I can say that it is because he know first hand the effects of terror on an human being and a community, than he was able to give to us what was needed.
    In time of sorrow and tragedy, only unity must prevail: no politics, no proud egos, no you and I but us.
    Eli was our liaison with the Town Council, the town’s Imam and he deserved all the credit for the outcome of the candles vigil.

  7. With you all along, even though I could not make it on Monday due to … French classes! Thank you Evelyne, Coralie and Eli Melky.
    But let’s not turn our solidarity into nationalism, and remain unite among ourselves and with all those who suffer from the consequences of that terrible war in the M-E.
    Refugees will come soon and they must be welcome. As was said in Q and A on Monday, if 1 out of 1000 may be a terrorist in disguise, the other 999 are not and deserve our compassion.


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