Price, deBrenni likely new councilors


p2048-Jamie-DeBrenni-1By ERWIN CHLANDA
Jamie de Brenni (2199 votes, pictured at left) and Jacinta Price (1682 votes, at right) top-scored in the primary vote count with seven candidates standing in the town council by-election for two seats.
p2280-Jacinta-PriceWith preferences that makes Mr de Brenni and Ms Price  likely to achieve the required quota of 2595 votes to be elected.
This is based on the formal votes cast to date, which is subject to minor change with postal votes and early votes cast in Darwin.
Ms Price and Mr de Brenni exchanged preferences. A proportional representation count is used in Territory council elections.
Jason Quin (1132) was in third pace in the primary vote count, followed by Vince Jeisman (937), Barbara Shaw (804), Ryan Callander (599) and Jayne Phelps (429).
Voting closed at 6pm. The official result will be announced on Friday next week after the closure of postal votes.
There were 7782 formal votes of the 8369 votes cast, a 67% turn-out – 2% more than in the 2013 by-election. The turn-out in the 2012 full general council election was 74%. Turn-outs in full elections are usually bigger than in by-elections.
Today’s results include 70 of the 300-odd postal votes issued. Not all of these are expected to be cast or returned in time by 12 noon next Friday.


  1. Congratulations to de Brenni and Price. Now the work starts. Please don’t go in there trying to run the joint. Get the training on how council, elected reps work, learn it, understand it, respect the current members and be effective for the team and us.

  2. My impression from past elections with a big field is that the final count tends to regress to the mean. I think many voters go: 1, 2, 3 then oh don’t know her 7, 6, and then randomly assign 4 and 5.
    Since voting is polar the left and right candidates will often cancel each other out, and one of the lesser known candidates may defeat the most popular on primary vote with preferences, and another bland nonentity will be elected. Not that it matters as whoever wins the Council Clerk and his team will still be wagging the dog.
    Will be interesting to see how it turns out this time.

  3. I heard that Steve Brown, Deputy Major, was handing out how to vote cards for one of the candidates. I would have thought this would be a conflict of interest.

  4. @ Dave: “I heard that Steve Brown, Deputy Major, was handing out how to vote cards for one of the candidates. I would have thought this would be a conflict of interest.”
    Deputy Mayor Steve Brown was actually handing out how to vote cards for both CLP-supported candidates (Jamie and Jacinta – for those who are unsure) at Braitling on Saturday afternoon. I too wondered if this was a conflict of interest.

  5. Why would it be a conflict of interest for Steve Brown to hand out how to vote cards, Jimmy Cocking (Posted October 12, 2015 at 2:42 pm)?

  6. Bob, given Steve is Deputy Mayor it is a conflict. Say Damien Ryan told everyone to go and vote for Jason Quin on the front page of the newspaper that would also be a conflict.

  7. No big secret here. I hand out how to vote cards at nearly every election returning the effort others have made on my behalf previously.
    I consider it a community service, assisting our democratic processes. I do it as an individual. I do not label my self as Deputy Mayor. I do not address voters as the Deputy Mayor. I simply treat the day as a great chance to catch up with a big cross section of the town. If you were out there giving someone a hand you’ll know what I mean, Dave.
    It’s a great community day. Further to that, Dave, I interact with people of all political persuasions having just as many discussions with those from opposing view points as I do with like minded. It all adds to the occasion.
    If you think I can influence an outcome by being there, perhaps you should be out there supporting your own beliefs. Give it a go, support someone!
    Another thought, it would be a great day to run a sausage sizzle or the like as fund raiser. Maybe you could do that Dave.

  8. @ Tracker: Take some responsibility for who you are and use your real name … my Facebook page is my business and my personal views.
    I am not ashamed of who I am and what I stand for and hence have no reason to cover my tracks.
    Jason is a colleague and friend and I volunteered to support him in his campaign. Simple as that.
    I agree with Steve in that it was a good day for meeting the general public and engaging the community.
    Don’t sit on the sidelines Tracker – get involved, stand up and be counted!
    Put your name to your comments and be a real citizen not just a pseudonym.

  9. Out of the three “J”, two of them had it! Congratulations.
    Now please remember this is a position at the Local Government level, not NT or Federal. You’re in for the good of Alice Springs people as a whole!


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