Primary votes may signal winners tomorrow


p2280-coucil-by-election-1By ERWIN CHLANDA
The primary vote count in the town council by-election will be on the Electoral Commission website by about 8pm tomorrow.
So far 2345 of the 12,661 people enrolled have cast an “early vote” at the town council polling station as well as the MyVote office in Hartley Street – an option now available without special reasons having to be given.
Polling places tomorrow will be at the Town Council, Braitling and Gillen primary schools, Lapapinta Lutheran School, Yirara College and Centralian Senior College, between 8am and 6pm.
If there is a big margin between the two  leading candidates and the rest of the field the likely two winners may be known by tomorrow evening
If postal votes are needed to determine the result it will not be know till Friday next week: 309 ballot papers have been sent out, and will be counted if they are received by the commission by October 16 at 12 noon.
The commission will not make a formal announcement, nor updates of tomorrow night’s primary figures, before noon on Friday next week.
A proportional representation count is used in Territory council elections when there are more than one position to be elected.


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