1 Territory party pledges to be a force


Sir – The 1 Territory Party has achieved more than 200 Territory members in a very short time, and is seeking registration with the Northern Territory Electoral Commission.
Should we be successful, we will be the first political party ever to obtain registration via the Northern Territory Electoral Commission.
We will be the only truly Northern Territory political party, in the Northern Territory from the Northern Territory.
We will not have policy written for us by southern counterparts and we will not have masters that we have to answer to on the southern or eastern seaboard – nor will our direction be determined by third generation public servants in Canberra.
Further, we will be ready for statehood when it is forced upon us and we will be executing policies formed at a grass roots level by Territorians.
Upon registration the party will call together its members to start formulating a platform and policy going forward. One of the main areas of concern for the new party is fracking and its effect on the environment, crime surrounding the drug Ice, health, aged care and declining education standards throughout the NT.
We will be looking to implement an independent commission against corruption in the Northern Territory and the focus will be the last three years of this government and the four years prior to that of the previous government. The commission will be given authority to pursue the findings to prosecution.
We will redesign Northern Territory Government procurement, all contract / tenders will be created in order to maximise Territory input.
Other parties can talk about this till the cows come home – they have both had their chances and blown it. We will be bringing first-hand experience to the table on this one and we will execute a better program than ever seen in the Territory before.
As we enter an uncertain economic future in the Northern Territory, Territorians need have confidence in their leaders and confidence in the Government.
1 Territory will provide that leadership and stability to see Territorians prosper and grow into the future. The alternative is the Country Liberal Party or the Australian Labor Party and their history (both past and present) speaks for itself.
Braedon Earley (pictured)
President, 1 Territory Party


  1. All sounds good but reality is, if an election is called early (highly possible), you’re not ready.
    Policy and platforms should already have a basic form so new members, people considering membership, know what they are getting involved with.
    As Giles has found (not learnt), firing off all the solutions from the sideline is easy.
    Actually doing it and being a leader (elected or stolen) is not.
    Good luck though 1 Territory, I continue to watch with interest. I.e. I’m not currently a member of any party.

  2. Then get off your backsides and HAVE some policies. All you have done on your facebook site is to ask other people what it is you should stand for.
    And … stop bleating about fracking because that is a Greens issue. Fracking has been around for decades and has caused minimal disruption. You fail to tell voters how else are they going to cook and heat their homes? Well – answer it!
    There is also another process replacing fracking and that is microwaving, which is even less disruptive. Why don’t you comment on microwaving? I know you’ve heard of it, a friend of mine emailed you the scientific information.
    So you are going to award contracts to fellow Territorians ahead of cheaper interstate tenders. Will you be paying them with my money or yours?
    Then your criticism of the Country Liberals really just doesn’t ring true. You WERE the Country Liberals until a few weeks ago and were part of the policy making you suddenly oppose.
    If some of you hadn’t been dumped by your own party, you’d be out there on the hustings handing out how to vote card for the Country Liberals.
    Finally, are you all related to Delia Lawrie or is there something about rejection in general that causes some people to go off and form “new” political parties or turn – ha! ha! – Independent.
    How long must I serve in jail for not voting at this next election, or would I get away with it by listing my new address as Mars?

  3. Want some policies? Here’s a few …
    Policy proposals for 2016 and beyond:
    Evolve and grow sustainable employment through the renewable resource sector.
    Engage with local commUNITY to build viable public transport capacity.
    Promote adequate, affordable public and private housing.
    Support the expansion of small and medium size business opportunities.
    Combine the public health and education sectors into a seamless service delivery.
    Focus around pre-natal and early childhood initiatives.
    Deliver quality lifestyles and concessions for seniors.
    Proactive engagement and development of youth engagement programs and strategies.
    Responsible natural and built environment initiatives.
    Engage whole-of commUNITY business, social, health and educational enterprises.
    Expand parks for the people throughout the electorate.
    Ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) practices across the NT – replace with renewable energy opportunities.
    Ban political party donations from companies and businesses like property developers, alcohol, tobacco and gaming industries.
    Replace with tax payer funded election campaigns that grants equal access to all candidates.
    Revise and strengthen the NT Water Act.
    Review the NT Electoral Act so Independent candidates, once registered, have equal access to the electoral roll.
    Restore senior citizen entitlements to pre-2012 levels.
    Promote and encourage their active, positive commUNITY engagement.
    Work constructively with Alice Springs Town Council.
    Establish and maintain an Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC).
    Phil Walcott
    IndependNT for Braitling

  4. Pipedreams and motherhood statements are not policies, Phil. Policies have to set out practical affordable steps that will achieve the best outcomes in the real world, not some idealistic fantasy land!
    Break down the motherhood statements to say exactly what the goal is and why it is necessary then set out step by step process towards achieving the desired outcome including costings and possible contrary effects such as massive unemployment in other sectors. That would be a policy. Yours still have a way to go.

  5. Agreed, Steve Brown. More, thought, detail and needed, Phil Walcott. What you have listed are objectives / ideals.

  6. Feel free to ask me about the essence of the policy positions, Steve.
    Very happy to elaborate with people who are keen to learn.
    I will be spelling out the context of these policies over the course of the next nine months to the people of Braitling as I engage them on their doorsteps, in the streets, over the ‘phone or via mainstream and social media.
    Conservative opposition is a typical tactic with no real solutions being offered. Thanks for reading. I look forward to discussing these and other issues with you over time. What are YOUR policy positions with regard to advancing Alice Springs into the future?

  7. Feel free to make contact, Sean. Very happy to expand on these positions. Maybe you could organise an afternoon tea at your place with several of your friends to give me an opportunity to explain my position. I can bring cake!

  8. Wrong again Steve (Steve Brown, Posted October 10, 2015 at 4:30 pm).
    According to the Oxford, a policy may be either a “course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual”. Phil clearly includes examples of both in his wish list.
    Besides, last time I checked it was still a healthy sign for political aspirants to possess and clearly state their ideals, goals and objectives. I know many conservative politicians prefer to lie or dissemble about their true intentions (think Tony Abbott and Adam Giles), but I suspect that you realise the benefits of frankness about such matters.
    Phil’s list includes several matters that are of great interest to many of us who will vote in the next NT election, which is what he is clearly talking about; matters that the shonky Giles / Tollner gang have either trashed (think responsible water management and pensioner entitlements) or ignored (think public housing and the much needed Independent Commission Against Corruption).
    Time now to weep for our dishonoured Territory, and join the Independents and the ALP in slaying the corrupt CLP dragon before our future is destroyed.

  9. Hello Fellow Territorians, I will be in Alice Springs again soon and would be more than happy to answer questions, allegations, slurs personally anywhere, anytime.
    I will advise my arrival, accommodation and available hours. I look forward to it.
    In the meantime, if you want true representation in politics in the Northern Territory join the only party that will stand for Territorians in the next election.
    By the way, anyone seen the NTPA recommendations in the Federal enquiry into alcohol abuse? Thought so, hidden from view visit this site http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House/Indigenous_Affairs/Alcohol/Report. You want a policy, try that on for size, we are listening, we are forming policy, join us and make a difference. Regards, Braedon.

  10. Aah, Bob and here we have the crux of it, 12 years of Labor were an absolute disaster for the Territory, nowhere more so than in Alice Springs!
    Why was that?
    Because Bob, you were never able to get past writing nice warm an cuddly slogans on walls, just like Phil.
    You never had the slightest idea how to get past that point! How to actually progress something! And apparently several years later you still haven’t progressed!
    You actually had to look up a dictionary to find out what a policy was. LOL!
    Now why doesn’t that surprise me!
    Anyone can sit around writing up wonderful touchy feely concepts, Phil apparently does, but if you are in the governing seat you have to know how to make those concepts a reality!
    The unfortunate and very scary fact for Territorians is that Territory Labor still has absolutely no idea whatsoever how to do that! Still displaying the same lack of expertise, a complete inability to flesh out a policy, and just as before over 12 disastrous years of Government, a complete inability to make a decision!
    All I can say is “God help the Territory” if we are dumb enough to put them back!
    Sounding pretty confident though Bob. What do you reckon happened last Saturday? LOL!
    Maybe Territorians are both a lot smarter, and have much longer memories than you think, Bob!

  11. Is anyone else scared? Steve Brown politics and the right faction of council is about to control the balance of power that was previously out of their reach. How did this happen?!
    @ Steve: How many more public assets or strategic infrastructure do well sell off or out before we have no Territory for God to save?
    All I can say is “God help us as Australians” if Steve Brown’s leering comment about the recent council results are an indicator of the public’s support for the Giles CLP’s simplistic (often moronic) vision for developing the North of this nation.
    Seriously, why do we continue to tolerate this type of BS? We all know the current CLP is the most laughable excuse for organised governance that this country has seen since Joh Bjelke-Peterson’s reign in Queensland.
    Wake up Alice Springs! Wake up the Territory! Let the Steve Brown’s of this world keep talking this rubbish and the next thing you know the Territory will be too far gone to fix!
    Hurry up One Territory! Hurry up Labor! Hurry up Greens! Hurry up independents! Someone bring Frodo!

  12. @ Frank: I think Frodo arrived when you did. LOL.
    Your comment puts on display for all to see the sneering lefty chip on the shoulder kind of politics that I fight to keep out of the system, driven by bitterness and envy. Its consequence is always destructive.
    I know it will embitter you even more, Frank, but in Council we nearly always work as a team, many of our decisions are unanimous!
    Yep, lefties and conservatives together with a single intention of progressing our community!
    So what’s your contribution, Frank? Sneering comments from hidden corners of the room is hardly a worthwhile contribution, how about proposing some thought-out solutions to the issues that concern you.
    Show us that there’s more to the name than a snarl … I await with baited breath.

  13. Such a lacklustre reply Steve! LOL!
    Why not try answering the questions put to you about the gross failings of this CLP Territory Government and talk about what we can expect from a CLP aligned Council?
    Where do you stand on the using money from public asset sell offs to fund risky infrastructure projects that create division and disharmony in the community?
    This is the type of dodgy pork barrel politics that anyone with a modicum of credibility would fight to keep out of the system! Rather you are the leader of the cheer squad!
    “Envy and bitterness?” LOL! Sounds like the traits of someone with a lust for power to me! God protect us from these types of people should they be given a chance to wield power for real!
    And your comedic description of “lefties and conservatives working together”! LOLOL! To top that Steve you would need to think about running a Mayoral campaign: “Steve Brown for Mayor: Bringing the community together!”
    All I can say to that is “Surely heaven would forbid!” Let all of us who care about the beauty and diversity of this fair maiden town called Alice NOT WAIT AROUND with BATED BREATH!
    So I repeat: Wake up Alice Springs! Wake up the Territory! Let the Steve Browns of this world keep talking this rubbish and the next thing you know the Territory will be too far gone to fix!

  14. Gees Frank another Snarl. Somehow I just knew you were going to struggle comprehending what I put to you in the previous comment.
    I know it tough, but the facts are that the political balance in Council hasn’t changed with the arrival of two new Councillors. Situation normal! I guess it kind of sticks in your craw that a big majority of Alicespringites voted to keep it that way.
    However I am well aware that many are very disillusioned with the behaviors of the CLP government over this term, but Frank they haven’t reached the point of being suicidal!
    Nobody is going to put you in power!
    We know what putting you Lefties in charge would do to this town. By the way I would be very happy to run a campaign based on bringing the community together, not for Mayor though, that’s Damien’s job and he does it very well.
    Frank, you proclaim love for diversity and you talk of a closer community, yet you despise those who don’t agree with you! Which in your case would be somewhere around 78% of the community.
    Well, OK, I’m being a little insulting to the lefty community here, because a good percentage of them wouldn’t agree with you either.
    Further, Frank, I’m not actually a member of the CLP. I haven’t been for years although I admit to giving rejoining some though recently.
    Clearly they have struggled with unity over the term but that hasn’t prevented them from being a pretty effective government.
    Yes, they could have been more effective. From my position as a councillor I get to see many of the changes and projects coming before they actually get to ground level.
    The future outlook for the Alice is really quite exciting. I know you didn’t want to hear that Frank, nor do I imagine you want to be reminded about the disastrous state in which Alice was left after Labor’s last term, absolutely rampart lawlessness, no infrastructure spending, zero land availability and affordability at its worst ever.
    You might want to look back a little Frank, you will immediately realize that disunity or not, this town has improved out of sight over the term of this government and there’s many even bigger improvements to come! So good luck out there on the hustings Frank!
    You are going to help, aren’t you?

  15. @ Frank: You sound passionate and frustrated – like many of us Territorians are. But do you think jumping in the ring and going a few rounds with the likes of Steve Brown is going to do much to help the Territory in its current leadership and governance crisis?
    Anyone out there who wants to be a part of something new, and to tackle the challenges of the Territory in an intelligent and respectful way, why not sign up to One Territory and help be part of the change?
    Only with a broad based engagement with the community can we get the support needed to ultimately challenge the status quo! Only 1Territory will make sure the likes of an ICAC will go the full distance!
    Thank you to Braedon and the team for giving us a real choice at the next election.

  16. I am glad that I do not have time for politics or any interest in joining.
    Steve, you mention that the Lib Government have done a great job for Central Australia? I am not sure where you have been lately, but if you look around and see, nothing has changed.
    You don’t have to support a party because you have been with them for the last 50 years. I am not saying Labor has done any better but in fact both parties have not changed much at all (I like our new hospital though).
    You also mention Damien and the councilors are acting and working together. I would like to see what the councilors have changed apart from joining various boards and getting paid for it.
    Before you comment Steve, yes I should go to the council meetings and voice my opinion and I should post my real name but unfortunately I am unable to do that.
    I just can’t see why we can’t do a Port Augusta and change this town around from violent and dirty in places which the past Mayor of Pt Augusta did.
    I like this town because I see a future, but we have to move on these ideas which Phil has mentioned.

  17. Interested: Whether or not you attend Council bothers me not at all. However may I suggest you actually get out of the house a bit and have a look around.
    As the founder of Advance Alice, the organisation which put people on the street in protest at law and order issues a few years ago, I can tell you that although we still have issues in the area of law and order, but the improvement over the past three years of CLP Government is quite remarkable.
    As is the level of cleanliness of our town. In recent times ASTC has received a number of visits from people who have returned to town after being away for some time, dropping in to compliment the Council on the huge improvement on the town’s look and feel, between then and now.
    People don’t do that lightly, Interested. So credit due where credit is due!
    I, like many, have been disillusioned by the selfish behavior of some of our CLP Members over the term.
    However, I am led to believe that a mechanism similar to that proposed by the Territory Party will be used to enforce loyalty and conformity in the team from the next election onwards.
    From then on its simply about pre-selecting the “right candidates” and that, Interested, is true of any party!
    As for the Territory Party it appears to me to be just another extension of the turmoil that divided the CLP, too many people not prepared to work within the system, to put their differences aside, too many people willing to stand on the heads of others in a selfish grab for power driven by self interest as opposed to community interest.
    I, like many, have at times dreamed of a new party to lead the way. In that dream I imagined a party driven by belief, by passion, by policy designed to bring our community together, to help it grow and prosper, in another words a dream looking for a party. Instead we’ve been offered a party looking for a dream!
    Think I’ll stick with the devil I know and help him rebuild.

  18. Phil Walcott @ Oct 10th. 2:15p:
    Phil, you are one of the few who talks about Aged Care policy.
    I would have thought that Steve Brown might have engaged with you on this, considering that he talked about building a home, retirement village or facility, to use just a few of the ways in which these future destinations for many of us are described.
    As you may be aware, Australia has an aging population with a forecast shortfall in placement.
    It’s my opinion that much more thought needs to be given to this in terms of requirement, land availability, construction, staffing, community, security and amenity suitable for Australian conditions.
    Would you care to expand on your policy in this area?

  19. @ Russell: I prefer to work in the real world driving the policies I believe in.
    I’m sorry but I really don’t have the time or the patience for the pipe dreams of academia such as those Phil posted at the bottom of this page. Policies are not one liners jotted down in a moment of idle thought.
    You’ll be pleased to know there are at least a couple of proposals for retirement villages in various stages of planning at the moment, one being proposed here at White Gums in a village rural living style and another proposed for Stephens Rd behind Lasseters.
    This project is currently in negotiation with Native Title holders, I believe.
    I have also heard rumors of another couple of projects but haven’t seen anything concrete to date. However, the rapidly rising need for such facilities in the Alice is very much on the mind of both government and private industry at all levels.
    Retirement is a whole new industry that the Alice could take up, and I’m not just talking about local retirees but attracting southerners in search of a warmer, drier climate.
    Most importantly these projects will help us to retain many of our more senior citizens along with their invaluable corporate knowledge, local history and insight, the kind of information the Territory needs to retain if its ever going to stop reinventing the wheel and actually move on. I
    I swear at times living in Alice really does feel like being trapped in Ground Hog Day! Retaining our more experienced citizens should be a big help in breaking that cycle.
    Would you believe that one of the new chum candidates in the recent by-election actually flagged the idea of a mall / car free zone as a worthwhile pursuit for Council. Groan.

  20. @ Steve: Thanks for the heads-up. Good to read that your project is going ahead.
    I’ve seen quite a few aged care homes, some of which fit the “facility” description in the Brisbane area.
    I would like to see some architectural innovation in design with an outdoor focus – at least for day time use.
    I’d be interested in your thoughts as you are doing something in this area.
    Maybe, you can achieve a world’s best outcome and your idea of creating a trend in Central Australia become a reality.
    It was John Flynn’s foresight to have the Old Timers’ Home built, but that was a very long time ago.
    I hope you have disco and karaoke and a day care centre for kids.

  21. Oh dear, the town’s One and Only now seems to think retirement homes will lift this cesspool of a town out of the mire. Southerners flocking to a warmer climate?
    More like extreme 45 degree plus summer days, minus degree winter mornings. All of a sudden Southerners are welcome. Fuel prices outrageous, $3 for a mango, violence ad nauseum, workmanship on par with a six year old banging in a nail, diesel fumes everywhere, driving skills that leave Adelaide drivers smiling smugly.
    Groundhog Day? More like stuck in the 50s. Funny that, locals seem to enjoy the way Australia was. Most Australians have matured and enjoy what the world has to offer.

  22. @ Russell Guy. My apologies for the delay in getting to your question. In a healthy and robust community, our aging population must be given due consideration. The collective knowledge and wisdom that older Territorians possess become the gifts and legacies for our younger cohort. If we want to keep aging Territorians living here, we need to consider carefully what it is THEY see as important.
    I had the opportunity last Wednesday to attend a Human Rights Commission consultation on aging and employment discrimination.
    The energetic conversation and discussion that ensued included job-sharing (partnerships), mentoring by older workers of younger colleagues, transition programs (e.g. trades professions into less demanding physical work over time), the national ReStart Program, incentivising programs and other ideas that build upon our social capital.
    Four staff members from the commission were guided by a group already engaged in contributing to our community in both paid and volunteer capacities.
    The collective wisdom and creative ideas were great to listen to for well over an hour. The contributions of this caliber only develop with time. With each breath, we all learn more about how the world ticks.
    With regard to specific seniors policies (for people no longer wishing or able to be in paid employment), we already have a number of groups that cater for the over 50s cohort (including the community centre at Snow Kenna Park).
    We need to strengthen those capacities, provide people with financial discounts on their utility bills, reintroduce a flat daily rate for bus travel around town, offer opportunities for people to volunteer in schools and the hospital etc.
    I saw a clip over the weekend of a pre-school group who attended a retirement village in the United States where all engaged in making, doing and being together.
    There’s lots of opportunities to explore and expand upon and I’d be very happy to hear of some of your ideas around this sector. Please feel free to make contact.

  23. @ Phil Walcott: Thanks for the update, Phil. Steve has given some assurance that government and private awareness is attuned to the rapidly rising need for aged care placement.
    The shortfall identified and posted at Alice Springs News Online over 12 months ago indicated a crisis in the making.
    I appreciate you getting across the issue as a political aspirant.
    From my observations, much of the current infrastructure is based on modelling that can be improved.
    I identified some concerns in my earlier post. That’s all I have to say at present. I think it’s more than enough. Let’s hope those who are involved and concerned consider a culturally appropriate model for emerging Baby Boomer clientele.
    Why shouldn’t there be a swimming pool? The health benefits would be a very efficient saving, but my guess is that many will find the whole thing amusing, until they find themselves entering those corridors.

  24. @ Bob Durnan and @Interested: Thanks for your encouraging comments. I’m enjoying the possibilities that becoming the next Member for Braitling affords. Through consultation with those in the electorate, I’m seeking to represent their ideas for helping to grow the town and region confidently into the future in a balanced and measured manner.
    A major element that I’ve come to appreciate over the past 22 years living here, is the vibrant essence of the people who choose to call The Alice home.
    By engaging such people in the process, I’m wanting to learn as much as I can about issues that are important to them. Together, we can achieve so much. Along with two other Independent candidates who will be contesting electorates in the Top End, we want to contribute to the dedication and direction of the five incumbent Independent Members already elected in helping to create a new, proactive and sustainable focus for all Territorians.
    My thanks again for your encouraging words. Looking forward to listening to your views and sharing some of mine as we all grow forward.


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