Have a Territory holiday – in China


Sir – A Chinese team from Guangzhou will travel to Darwin to progress plans with the Territory Government to establish a Northern Territory dedicated zone in a planned multi-million dollar eco-safari park in China.
The proposal followed meetings in Guangzhou and Zhuhai between me and high ranking China businessman Su Zhigang, the head of Chime Long Group Co Ltd.
Mr Su is the principal and founder of Chimelong, a highly successful creator of world-class tourism attractions within China.
The proposed Northern Territory attraction in the China eco-safari park represented an enormous opportunity for Territory tourism.
Millions of Chinese tourists visit Chimelong facilities annually and we are working with Chimelong to increase the relatively low percentage of Chinese tourists visiting  the Northern Territory.
Chimelong  gets around 80,000 people a day through its parks and it is now working with us to design and build a unique Australia’s Northern Territory zone in its safari park that will carry distinctive regional animals, vegetation and an exhibition / education centre that showcases the Northern Territory’s natural environment and culture.
From the park we will be able to promote visitation to the Northern Territory.
It’s an exciting proposition from a tourism market that is expected to explode in coming years.
Talks have been ongoing with the Chinese proponents and have now reached the point where  Mr Su has instructed a team of his senior staff to visit the Northern Territory as soon as possible for further meetings with myself and government to progress this proposed development in China.
This represents a huge opportunity for Territory tourism.
Peter Styles (pictured)
Minister for Asian Engagement and Trade


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