Frying pan alleged offensive weapon


p2264-frying-pan-1Two police officers were attacked with a broomstick and a frying pan last night when they were called out to investigate an alleged assault.
Police Acting Superintendent Virginia Read said members attended a disturbance in the west side of Alice Springs at around 11:30pm and arrested an 18-year-old male on an outstanding warrant.
“Police alleged a 16-year-old female attempted to free the male from custody, before a further two males aged 37 and 34, armed with a frying pan and broom stick, approached the officers.
“It is alleged one of the males struck an officer with a broomstick while projectiles were thrown at both officers.
“It is also alleged the 16-year-old female threw a crate at the windscreen of the police caged vehicle, causing it to smash.”
The 16-year-old female was arrested and is expected to be charged with recklessly endangering occupants of the vehicle, criminal damage, being armed with an offensive weapon and assault.
The 37 and 34-year-old males were arrested and are expected to be charged with assault police, hinder police and being armed with an offensive weapon.
“The behaviour of these individuals and the damage they have caused is totally unacceptable, it is very fortunate that the officers were not injured as a result,” Acting Superintendent Read said.


  1. Aboriginal people who are caught up in this certain type of culture are out of control. Continually physically assaulting people who are employed to serve the town, policemen, ambulance men, housing officers, shop assistants – whatever, Aboriginal people don’t give a hoot who you are when they are under the influence of alcohol.
    They are out of control. Look at the court and the hospital, full up with Aboriginal people. Aboriginal people can fill a football ground or a bush bus or a meeting place for distributions that relate to compensation and royalty. But last and sadly, Aboriginal people can’t get the kids to school to fill the room up.

  2. @ Elvis: I can partly understand where you are coming from but I’m not supporting what you’ve stated.
    You said: “Aboriginal people don’t give a hoot who you are when they are under the influence of alcohol.”
    Regardless of who you are, using alcohol irresponsibly can lead to a negative outcome. Alcohol and drug driven violent crimes are a worldwide issue.
    I think individuals, regardless of your race / culture, need to take responsibly for their own actions.
    People can’t point fingers and blame others / alcohol / drugs for their inappropriate behavior because at the end of the day those individuals’ choices will affect them.
    If someone commits a crime under the influence, they go to jail, not the drug.
    If people start taking responsibility for their own actions, then issues can be resolved, denying issues makes it hard to address the issues and makes it hard to communicate solutions to provide a resolution

  3. It is about time that people take more responsibility for themselves regardless of race, instead of hiding behind culture, race and colour.
    I would like to receive the same amount of opportunities and benefits the Indigenous receive.
    These Indigenous people need to learn if they want to bridge the gap, they need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and move on.
    They can keep their culture, but I do not think that alcohol is part of their culture.
    Yes, white man did reluctantly introduce it, but they do not have to drink, just as any white man is told.
    No one in any of the other cities really cares.

  4. I wish I had the same opportunities and benefits that indigenous people receive.
    The options to have your land stolen, children stolen, women raped, family forced into slavery, denied citizenship in your own country, culture denigrated and denied etc etc – and then being told to get over it, move on.

  5. Australia’s 460,000 Aborigines make up about 2% of the population. Experts estimate the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders at 700,000 at the time of the invasion in 1788. At present, 3% of Australia’s population identify as Aboriginal.
    They suffer higher rates of unemployment, substance abuse and domestic violence than other Australians and have an average life expectancy of 17 years less than the rest of the country.
    Aboriginal people had also been labelled by a white supremacist society as subhuman, and subjected to scientific research to establish if they were closer to apes than humans.
    They had also had experience of the concentration camps that white Australia had created to contain them, and which were later used in the notorious assimilation program designed to eliminate the “crossbreeds”, “half-castes”, “octoroons” and “quadroons”. The “full-bloods” were assumed to be dying out thus resolving that aspect of the Aboriginal “problem”.
    “We were invaded,” said Paul Morris, an Aboriginal leader. “It is the truth and shouldn’t be watered down. We wouldn’t expect Jewish people to accept a watered-down version of the Holocaust, and if you ask American Indians, they wouldn’t want the truth of their history watered down, so why should we?”
    Those who whinge about payments of maintenance money and other benefits to Aborigines should consider what amount the International Court would award Aborigines should Australia’s Government be ordered to provide compensation for what Europeans have stolen, and for the post-invasion treatment of the Aborigines, they would perhaps quickly go silent.
    The United Nations has accused Australia of being “entrenched” with racism after an inquiry into the treatment of the country’s Aboriginal population.
    Since the Second World War, Germany has enacted a number of laws providing compensation for people who suffered persecution at the hands of the Nazis.
    Over the course of its 40 year-plus compensation program, these laws have resulted in billions of dollars being paid to hundreds of thousands of individuals.
    The descendants of hundreds of Chinese men forced to work in wartime Japan are taking big, modern-day Japanese corporates to court. They are seeking millions in compensation.

  6. @ Evelyn and Dr Wrongo: I don’t get it. What do the indigenous want and need? The Jews, Chinese and everyone who have suffered under different circumstances have moved on and bettered themselves.
    They have not sat around with a chip on their shoulders. The Jews have continued to work hard and get rich, the Chinese the same. Chinese are buying a lot of Australian land.
    The Indigenous, if they feel better living out bush so be it. Go and live the old ways, the traditional ways. No one is holding a gun to their heads to live white man’s way. They choose to do so.
    So tell us what is it that the Indigenous people want so that they can move on?

  7. @ Fred the Phillestine: “The Jews, Chinese and everyone who have suffered under different circumstances have moved on and bettered themselves.”
    1. The Jews and the Chinese did not need to better themselves, they were of an higher standard of living long before the Europeans, especially with cleanliness. Quote: China is well known for being one of the leaders in developmental countries. China has repeatedly proven to be one of the frontrunners in developing and researching medicine, technology, science, art and many other industries that most major societies rely on today. The interesting thing about China is that it has been that way throughout history. End of Quote
    China in the Middle Ages was viewed as a country that had a much better standard of living than many of the other leading countries. The reason that China has been able to continue building on its standard of living since the Middle Ages is because it simply avoids many of the major items that wreak havoc on a country such as war, governmental changes, and the division of state.
    2. As long as you associated bettered and money, you will not understand.
    3. Why should everybody accept to be integrated in a system which is completely alien to their culture?
    Australian Aboriginal people were incredibly clever hunters and gatherers in Australian harsh conditions where early European explorers had no idea how to survive. It was all based on thousands of years of experience and knowledge never written down, but passed on through generations. Their diet was perfectly healthy, they got all the vitamins and minerals we get from our food today, and they were well aware of it. They also had their sweets, and they baked bread and cakes. They had a deep knowledge about plants, animals and seasons, they practiced land management and they knew how to hunt and gather sustainably so that their food resources would last.
    If lost in the bush will you survive Fred?
    So we should stop judging because of few rotten fruit.

  8. @ Evelyn: Yes, I would survive, I was brought up in the bush, killing our own meat, and growing fruit and vegetables, baking our own bread and cakes and even making our own ice cream as we had no father. Dad died when I was 11 months old from cancer. Mum raised us two boys, and we had no money, so I do know what it is Like! Please do not judge.
    I have had to learn to survive on my own. I went to work at the age of 15 and am still working.
    I never was on the dole, even when I was out of work. I supported my mother, who lived with me to the day she died.
    So as you can see, Evelyn, everyone has their story. If your people want to go back living the old ways, do so. No one is holding a gun to your head.

  9. @ Fred: That was not my question. I never doubt of your competences, but none of the skills you described will save your life if alone in the harsh Central Australia bush. Hence learning both ways can be useful. Ngapartji Ngapartji (reciprocity and co-operation).


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