Time for action to forestall juvenile crime spree


p2122-Chansey-PaechLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – I am concerned that as our warmer months return so will the crime and anti-social behaviour. Right now we should be acting and planning with the youth sector to develop a co-ordinated approach to deal with the summer months.
Time and time again I am told that the we are waiting on the Chief Minister to sign off on funding before can start these imperative services to assist our young people and our community.
In the previous summer our community was at crisis stage, with young people roaming the streets at all hours, putting themselves and sometimes others at risk. Residents and businesses were subject to crime and public harassment.
Our youth sector has been pretty clear with what needed to be done and that was to restore funding to after hours services and reinvest in a co-ordinated approach.
The Chief Minister needs to put his money where his mouth is and sign off on the funding that he promised to get at least some services restored in Alice Springs.
Chansey Paech
Alice Springs Town Councillor


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