Electoral Commission must review draft redistribution – Giles


Sir – The Northern Territory Electoral Commission should retain all three Alice Springs seats and rethink how it deals with population growth in Palmerston.
The Electoral Commission focusses too much on ensuring elector numbers are equal at the time of the next election without properly considering geography, future population growth and the need to keep changes to a minimum.
The community of interest within the town of Alice Springs as well as its economic and social future will be best served if the three existing electoral divisions are retained.
It’s inconceivable that any argument could be put forward to establish a connection between Alice Springs and places as far afield as Kalkarindji and Lajamanu.
In just a few weeks, I have collected almost 500 signatures from Alice Springs residents calling for the existing three seats to be retained and we urge the Electoral Commission to reconsider its proposal to abolish the seat of Araluen.
The proposed redistribution moves as many as 35 per cent of voters into different seats and the Electoral Commission needs to rethink how they dealt with the population growth in Palmerston.
While there are a number of options for how to redraw the electoral boundaries, the proposed new seat of Spillett should include at least 1000 additional voters from within Palmerston to accommodate even the most pessimistic population growth predictions.
The Electoral Commission’s current format for Blain has such a concentration of growth areas that another redistribution could be triggered even before the next election.
The Country Liberals Parliamentary wing objection also calls for changes in how a number of other seats have been redistributed including Arafura, Daly, Fong Lim and Sanderson.
I anticipate members of the Parliamentary wing may lodge individual submissions as well.
Adam Giles
Chief Minister


  1. Thank you, Chief Minister. Let’s now hope the Electoral Commission takes your advice and reconsiders its plan to abolish the Alice Springs seat of Araluen.
    And if this happens, will Ms Lambley please stand as an Independent in Araluen!

  2. Considering that “unlike local council” a candidate for the Legislative Assembly only has to be on the electoral roll as “having an address in the NT”.
    Ms Lambley (or any one) can stand for election in “any electorate”.
    Don’t be surprised if Mr Giles nominates for a Darwin electorate.

  3. @ Rita Clarke: Darwin won’t have him. He’s hated up there now. And today, now another CLP MLA leaves, when will the so-called “Management Committee” wake up to this disastrous leadership duo?
    Talk about slam the brand into the ground!

  4. I see that Bronwyn Bishop has been forced to resign due to misuse of travel allowances. Will Robyn Lambley be asked to do the same? I hope so.
    [ED – “Fred” says he relies on a report in the NT News three days ago.]


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