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Government agencies, Genesee & Wyoming picked Sitzler

The assessment panel selecting the developer of the proposed transport hub “consisted of representatives from relevant NTG agencies as well as from Genesee and Wyoming Australia Pty Ltd,” says a spokesman for Treasurer Dave Tollner.
The company is Whittaker Street Developments, headed up by Michael Sitzler, who also leads the company Sitzler which is constructing the Supreme Court building in Parsons Street.
The site of the planned hub consists of two adjacent lots held by the Territory (understood to be 5610 square meters) and Genesee & Wyoming (understood to be 3820 square meters) on the corner of Whittaker Street and the Stuart Highway.
The spokesman said replying to the Alice Springs News Online that a current valuation of the site has yet to be undertaken.
He says the criteria for the assessment of proposals, as outlined within the expressions of interest document, were corporate stability, financial capacity, skills and experience, vision and innovation, and risk to the Territory.
The project has entered into the next phase whereby the proponent has the opportunity to further develop its design and obtain relevant service authority and regulatory approvals, says the spokesman.
“Until such time that a more complete design is provided, timing around the project is yet to be confirmed.
“It will be the proposed proponents’ obligation to fund this development with no minimum spend stipulated.
“However, it is expected that the project objectives will be met as part of the proposed development.
“There is no NTG funding currently allocated to the project.”



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