'Scrapping' seat would sell out regions: Lambley


p2247-electoral-redist-1By ERWIN CHLANDA
MLA for Araluen Robyn Lambley says “scrapping” a seat in Central Australia would be “failing Territorians” and be contrary to the CLP’s pledge to give a voice to the people in the bush.
The Redistribution Committee this morning announced its proposal to remove Araluen and add its area to Stuart, held by Bess Price (CLP), together with some of Braitling, held by Chief Minister Adam Giles, to form a new seat called Battarbee.
The would make Braitling and Greatorex the only urban seats in Alice Springs, with Greatorex, held by Matt Conlan (CLP), who has announced he won’t be standing again, moving its boundary west to include the CBD.
There is little proposed change to the southern-most seat, Namatjira, held by Alison Anderson, currently an Independent but noted for her frequent change in political affiliations. Her seat remains predominantly Aboriginal.
Ms Lambley, speaking after the announcement, said “there are a million ways to reconfigure boundaries”.
Araluen had been a “long standing CLP seat” for 32 years, with Jim Robertson, Eric Poole and Jodeen Carney as former Members.
She claimed the change would be the “thin end of the wedge” leading to a “vast majority of seats” in the Darwin area.
In other states “which do not have the quota system we have” the size of an electorate is taken into account, she says.
p2247-electoral-redist-2In the NT the numbers of electors and “community of interest” are major considerations.
Better representation in the bush was a major plank in the CLP’s 2012 election platform, said Ms Lambley. She would not say whether she will stay in the CLP, nor what her political ambitions are beyond serving out her term.
Phil Walcott, who has previously stood for Greatorex as an Independent, will do so again, he said this morning.
The changes are considered necessary because of the population growth in the north, Electoral Commissioner and chairman of the committee, Iain Loganathan, said.
There will be 7500 more voters in the next election, due on August 27, 2016. Half of them live in Palmerston.
The proposed redistribution in the north has resulted in one extra seat there.
Mr Loganathan said the projected growth in Alice Springs at 2.2% is much lower than the NT’s average of 3.3%. Palmerston is 6.6%.
Objections to the redistribution proposal can be lodged by July 16.


  1. This has happened due to voice of the realestate organisation that actively lobbied the NT government to stifle development below the Berrimah line.
    Through this action the house prices rose to ridiculous prices.
    And now we see that this has impacted on our political voice outside Darwin.
    It is time for Territory residents outside Darwin to voice their anger at this change.

  2. How many times does Robyn Lambley have to be publicly derided by the CLP government before she just crosses the floor and stands as an independent?
    And I mean now! Not later.
    She insisted that she was to be treasurer and, deputy CM, so, Terry Mills gave her that, along with the 1st Horror budget whist he and Van Holthe and Chandler went for a Very Important trip to Indonesia and left her totally alone for the wolves.
    Later the ‘Boys’ were pictured feeding cattle at the Indonesian President’s cattle farm. Since then it has been downhill for the Member for Araulen with the final straw being the Infamous Palmerston White Elephant Hospital.
    Now they intend to give the Bum’s Rush.

  3. Just now Robyn has finally decided to stop being politically raped and is dumping the CLP.
    At last it finally has got through to you, Mrs Lambley: They have used you.

  4. I have not heard what Robyn Lambley is going to do for Alice Springs.
    All I have been hearing and reading, is how the CLP got rid of her.
    It is time to stop wallowing in self pity, and tell the people what she can do and is capable of doing.
    One hopes that she is not like the other Independents who run away when the going gets tough.


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