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Holiday in the Snowy Mountains? Nope. This is Alice Springs.

p2246-hail-8By ERWIN CHLANDA
A 10 minute hailstorm dumped masses of ice on the western part of the Ilparpa suburb at about 3:45pm today.
It covered the rural blocks in small white hailstones and made the drains run a banker.
Karen Stanton, a caravan holidaymaker with her husband Daryl, says: “It was a sheet of hail. I was scared.”
The couple from Wodonga, Victoria, are camped on a block in Greatorex Road.
Last year their caravan suffered $20,000 worth of damage hail damage in Casino, NSW. “I thought, oh no, not again,” said Ms Stanton.
Luckily, the hailstones today were small and did no damage.
p2246-hail-4They phoned friends camped at Blatherskite Park, about five kilometers away, to see how they were faring: “What hailstorm, they answered,” says Ms Stanton.
PICTURED AT TOP: The Stantons and Cyril Veleff from Bunbury in WA getting ready for “damper in the snow”.
AT LEFT: Sharon Veleff was in her caravan when the hail pelted down.



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