Headn' bush for the 40th Finke


p2244-Finke-trafficjam-3The exodus has begun!
Alice is about half empty now as an estimated 12,000 people have started their annual pilgrimage down the Old South Road, to make camp along the track where the 40th Finke Desert Race will be run tomorrow and Monday.
These cars (above) were part of a traffic jam on the South Stuart Highway that banked up as far as Pioneer Park Turf Club at 10.45am this morning, but soon cleared.
Police says they will be out in force, urging race goers to “be respectful to the environment and others around you, do not drink and drive and leave the racing to the competitors”.
They chatted to these bikers (at right) and early this afternoon were breath-testing north-bound motorists near the Old Timers.


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