Spate of property offences, anti-social behaviour


p2227-Travis-WurstLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – Alice Springs police have received a number of reports about property offences and anti-social behaviour during the Easter Holidays.
We received 14 reports of unlawful entries since Monday across Alice Springs, five of those into licenced premises.
A male and two females aged, 33, 25 and 28 were arrested yesterday in relation to an unlawful entry at a licensed premises on Schwartz Crescent.
They were charged with aggravated unlawful entry, criminal damage and stealing; and were all remanded to appear today in the Alice Springs Magistrates Court.
Police have also received a number of reports involving rock throwing incidents in Alice Springs CBD.
The most serious incident involved an ambulance at the intersection of Stott Terrace and Todd Street at around 11:30pm on April 8.
The ambulance was traveling to the hospital with a patient on board and an unknown female offender wearing a white jumper threw a rock smashing  a rear side ambulance window casing it to shatter.
Fortunately no one was injured. This was the only wheelchair accessible ambulance in the Alice Springs fleet.
It was a thoughtless act and without this ambulance on the road lives could be put at risk.
Anyone who witnessed the incident or anyone who may have any further information is urged to contact Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Over the Easter holidays there was an increase of visitors to Alice Springs for the AFL Lighting Cup Carnival and many people have remained in town.
The Football Carnival was a great success. However, police encourage people to return home to ensure all children start the school term this coming Monday.
Superintendent Travis Wurst (pictured)
Alice Springs Police


  1. Haha” “Police encourage people to return home.” HOW exactly? Put them on a bus? With the constant police vehicles moving between communities and Alice these kids could easily be escorted to their “carers” and their schools.
    Time that these AFL Lighting Cup Carnivals took place on communities by rotation.
    Residents and businesses are surely getting very tired of the anti-social behaviour, assaults, break-ins and rock throwing that seem to accompany these carnivals.

  2. I agree entirely that the AFL Lightning Cup should be held out on the communities to prevent the annual outbreak of anti-social behaviour and keep Alice Springs safe.


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