Sick tree Melanka concern


p2166-Melanka-6By ERWIN CHLANDA
The eight-storey Melanka redevelopment has hit a snag with the apparent illness of one of the sacred trees on the site, says Dean Osborne, of Osborne Family Holdings, the project managers.
“We are awaiting a comprehensive arborist report from Geoff Miers as we remain concerned with the health of one of the sacred trees,” he says.
“The design has always taken their importance into account. However, we are very keen to see the trees in strong health – hence our request for assistance from Geoff.”
The “very comprehensive” application for an Exceptional Development Permit for the redevelopment is on exhibition until the March 27.
“We have briefed all major stakeholders associated with the project including Alice Springs Town Council and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority. The community consultation web site proved very popular with over 800 individuals accessing the site.”


  1. I wonder what more bullshit we will hear. The tree looks pretty healthy to me. What skulduggery is going on?

  2. It’s a very old tree. Very sacred tree to the local people and an important part of the cultural heritage of Alice Springs and Central Australia.
    It’s that cultural heritage that attracts many people to our town. I imagine that it’s going to be very difficult to dig up its roots for the foundations of an eight story building without causing significant damage to it.
    Probably threatening its survival. Perhaps the developers are looking for some way to get it out of their way.


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