Cabinet: Bess Price gains housing, Tollner back


p2145-Bess-PriceBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Bess Price (Stuart, pictured) has gained housing as a new portfolio in the reshuffle announced by Chief Minister Adam Giles a short while ago.
As now the only front bencher in The Centre, apart from Mr Giles (Braitling), she retains the minor ministries of Local Government and Community Services, Women’s Policy, Men’s Policy, Parks and Wildlife and Statehood.
Dave Tollner is back as Treasurer, Lands and Planning and Mines and Energy – key economic portfolios.
Mr Giles has given himself Tourism, Northern and Central Australia, Economic Development and Major Projects and Indigenous Affairs.
Peter Chandler has Police and Education, and John Elferink, Health.
“I have made it clear that Minister Elferink’s number one priority is getting the Palmerston Regional Hospital built,” says Mr Giles.


  1. A Great No. 1 priority for a Health Minister – to pick up after two years of waffle of building an imaginary hospital.
    Current works are on a pushbike tracks with access “only into Palmerston”.
    A road into a car park on the actual building site would a major development at this stage.

  2. Glad Bess kept Parks and Wildlife, I love hearing all about her love for the helpless little critters on quiet news weeks.

  3. Go for it Bess, you are hard working and a woman of your word. Give her a break folks she’s only had the portfolio for about a month and is getting results already.


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