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Would be political assassin's past with the police

Sir – Several years before entering politics, Willem Westra van Holthe was the subject of a scathing Ombudsman’s report who found that Willem had used his position in the police force in a used car sale.
As a Sergeant Willem co-opted the assistance of a junior police officer to intercept a police mail bag being sent from Lajamanu police station to the Katherine Motor Vehicle Registry office in order to check and alter another person’s motor vehicle registration papers for his own personal benefit.
Shortly before being elected to the Legislative Assembly, Willem was investigated by the Police Joint Review Committee for passing confidential police information to a family member who was found guilty of assault.
Willem informed the media, quote “I accept that the Police found that what I did was wrong, however, I believe that I was acting in the best interests of my son and I make no apologies for it. What father would not do the best for his children?” unquote.
Was Willem stood down from the police force over this incident? He said that he had been on leave and would have returned to his position as Sergeant at the Katherine Police Station if he had not run for the seat of Katherine.
The Member for Katherine made it to Deputy Chief Minister but was ousted after less than a week when Terry Mills lost his position as Chief Minister. Two years later he aspired for the Chief Minister’s role but lasted there for only a few hours.
Katherine’s “would be if he could be” political assassin is now the Northern Territory’s Deputy Chief Minister.
It is quite ironic to consider that Willem was a Member of a Cabinet that effectively ended the career of the Northern Territory’s highest ranking Police Officer on the basis of UNPROVEN accusations of unlawful actions.
Bruce Francais


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