Giles government best of a poor bunch


p2064stevebrownJust like every other Territorian this week I was disgusted by the selfish antics within the CLP Parliamentary wing. Issues of trust, respect and consultation was the righteous justification but the reality centered on personal ambition and petty personal grievances – nothing whatsoever to do with either respecting or bettering the Territory.
I believe that the unseemly upheaval has been settled for the present at least, with the best possible outcome for our town. That is with Adam Giles still at the helm, anything less spelt potential disaster.
There has been a growing confidence amongst Alice Springs business, a belief that this year the policy shifts introduced by the Giles Government are about to bear fruit.
Many large projects are on the immediate horizon which have the potential to bring our town bursting back to life. Make no mistake about it, investors only invest on certainty, knowing what to expect from government.
This upheaval has already created a level of doubt and the only way to quickly repair that is for the Adam Giles CLP Government to serve out its allotted time, putting aside pettiness and personal ambition, getting their collective heads down and honouring the expectations placed upon them by the community they once sought to serve.
They should be doing everything they can in their remaining 18 months to make us want them returned, however unlikely that scenario may presently seem.
Much as many commentators would apparently like to see this government consigned to history we should stop a while and contemplate the effect that such an outcome would have on our struggling community in the present climate.
I don’t think there is very much doubt that if we were to go to an election any time soon the Giles Government would be wiped from the board which in turn would see the reinstatement of the only alternative Government, the Darwin-centric Labor Party which for twelve years previously wreaked such havoc on Alice through their disastrous neglect of our town.
The effect on business confidence of such a change in direction would be rather like spraying your freshly sprouting grass with a concentrated dose of Round Up!
So be careful  what you wish for, just for the moment there’s really no palatable alternative out there for Alice.


  1. Trust, respect and consultation … A BIT RICH STEVE. Clearly you think we are all stupid, just like Giles thinks!
    Did the Giles Inc offer Terry Mills trust, respect and consultation?
    Does Giles Inc offer the NT public trust, respect and consultation?
    This is all far from over. This is the beginning of the absolute end.
    It will end in disaster by going to the polls early. Then Giles Inc and their beloved, one eyed supporters will have their ultimate judgement.

  2. Sean: Steve was clearly saying that the CLP members used the LACK OF Trust, Respect and Consultation as the reason to try and overthrow Giles.
    Totally agree with the comments Steve, confidence is on the rise and a Giles led CLP is currently the best available option for the economic prospects of Alice Springs.
    It is nice to see a government not obsessing about maintaining the “old Alice feel”.
    Times change, people needs change and the town must change with it. Alice must continue to adapt – or die.

  3. Gee, tell you what, the level of intelligence in the comments hasn’t improved, has it?
    No Melanie I’m not drunk, I’m a realist seeking the best practical outcome for our community given present circumstances.
    What’s your solution, Melanie? Do you have one or are you just another bitter chip on the shoulder nark like Sean above?
    Nothing useful to offer, no idea, no solutions definitely no useful outcome. Sounds kind of like Territory Labor all over again, doesn’t it? LOL.

  4. No Steve … Wrong yet again.
    I use to sit in the same room as you as a CLP member. That was before you had a dummy spit and quit the CLP.
    Then you begged every branch who would listen to let you back in.
    [Re] this CLP government: Hopes and opportunity are gone. Like I have said time and again … yawn … the next election, when ever it is, will illustrate it very clearly for you.
    Editor, I understand if the comment isn’t published, I’m just as bored and over the topic too.

  5. @ Sean: I’m well aware that you were in the CLP. I’ve even been informed that you were in attendance the other night, could be misinformed I suppose.
    I was simply saying that your comments would seem to be more reflective of the other camp! Now you passed rather ignorant comment about myself, I would respectfully suggest if you want to do that in future use your own name to do it.
    I didn’t resign from the CLP in a dummy spit, I resigned in disgust because your idolized leader Mr Mills sacrificed our local candidate in a “low life mongrel act” without the slightest compunction in a vain attempt to gain a petty political advantage in a northern electorate –an issue that divided the party and saw many like me, leave. Read all about it in archives.
    Trust and Respect and Consultation indeed! Clearly only when it suited! Terry was a dead man walking from that moment on, if he had followed the above creed, an honorable resignation before being pushed would have saved much of what we see today
    I have been approached many times by party members and two other branches since that time and asked to re-join to help with a sense of direction and a structural clean up of the party.
    I somewhat reluctantly submitted an application on a couple of occasions only to be headed off by those who felt threatened – something that doesn’t worry me in the slightest. Such is life.
    Presently I am quite happy doing my best for the Alice as a councillor and a member of various community organisations.

  6. @ Steve: Credit where it’s due, a much more civilised discussion, than previous “typical easy clp swipe” of “must be a Labor supporter”.
    You have good ideas and passion, Steve, and I often enjoy reading your thoughts, even when I don’t agree.
    But you must be objective, to be fair.
    Terry Mills was a dead man walking.
    That was after Adam and Co consistently backgrounded a pro-Labor media against Terry for a number of months as Giles wanted the leadership.
    The same antics he is now employing against Robyn Lambley. This individual is no leader.
    He has no proven team building skills, management experience, he has stacked and rolled every step up the chain.
    My consistent point is you cannot have longevity from such forefilling behaviour. As is unfolding, the people, the community and the media all wake up to it. The chain link has snapped and is unravelling.
    Ps: I wasn’t at last week’s meeting, I knew the tone that would unfold and it has. Just another embarassing step from a party that simply is out of tune with the electorate/s.

  7. Liberal country people have no idea. They talk real slow, can’t grasp an idea, wear funny clothes, drive poorly, drink too much, smell, go to church, can’t string a sentence together, uneducated, homophobic, vote for pollution, can’t handle money, call everyone folks, mostly criminals, change leaders every month and so forth. Epic fail.


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