Alice CLP branch solidly behind Giles government


p2210-Jenni-Lillis-1By ERWIN CHLANDA
The Alice Springs CLP branch admitted eight new members at its meeting last night which “was adamant in its support for the CLP government under Adam Giles,” according to branch president Jenni Lillis (pictured).
She says the influx of members was a sign of the broad support the CLP has in town.
She did not disclose the present membership number, only saying it is “healthy”. More than 40 members attended the meeting.
Mr Giles (Braitling) was present and answered all questions put to him, says Ms Lillis, but the questions and answers are “confidential”.
The branch will send a “please explain” to ex-front bencher Robyn Lambley (Araluen, pictured), asking for an account of her role in the failed coup attempt on Monday.
A message would be sent to Matt Conlan (Greatorex), asking him to attend a meeting and “give us a report on the recent events”.
Neither Ms Lambley, who quit the Cabinet yesterday, nor Mr Conlan were at last night’s meeting.
Ms Lillis says the branch holds monthly meetings.
Approximate attendances by Parliamentarians in the past 12 months were Mr Giles and Bess Price (Stuart) more than half; Mr Conlan two or three; Ms Lambley three or four.


  1. As a constituent of Araluen I urge you Robyn to go Independent.
    She doesn’t need to be part of all this hate from within the CLP.
    We love the work she has been doing, she has been the best local member we have had in Alice Springs.
    It just shows how stacked the CLP are and the measures that they’ll go to save their precious little boy Adam.
    Alison Anderson was right when she said he Adam Giles was a little boy the childish games he has played are outrageous – he has no respect for Territorians. It was only reinforced yesterday when he was interviewed by Nadine Maloney on ABC.
    Jenni just made matters worse on radio for her golden boy, presumably those few who attended last night’s meeting have directly benefitted from his terrible tenure as CM, to the detriment of the wider Alice community.
    Let us decide who is our Chief Minister?

  2. Giles threatens to bring the party down if he’s booted as CM but that’s all OK with the local CLPers!
    Instead they boot Robyn for having the balls to stand up to the dodgy brothers.
    Good on you for calling a spade a spade Robyn – anyone who has had dealings with him knows Giles has no honesty, no integrity.
    This is their first step to getting rid of Robyn and Conlan – good riddance to Conlan but Robyn is a decent local member. I live in Gillen and she’s helped friends and family out with quite a few issues.
    Gotta ask – just how much did Giles pay to buy the Alice branch?
    C’mon Erwin, keep digging.

  3. Not a surprising outcome. It is well know on the streets, Adam rolled this branch long ago.
    Hence no surprise with more “new” members. Why would the others attend – it’s just more of the same for them.
    Who actually cares anymore anyhow. Go to an early election.

  4. If anyone needs a “please explain” it’s John Elferink, wannabe Deputy Chief Minister.
    The man appears to place personal ambition far above the need for stable government.
    This is his second failed coup, the first was against Terry Mills.
    Following that botched coup Elferink offered his resignation and said “Can I tell the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory I am proud to stand by him and look forward to working with him in the future in any capacity that he sees fit.”
    Not long afterwards Elferink threw in his lot with Giles to consign Millis to the political dustbin.
    Regarding the latest coup Ms Purick said at the time that she was unsure whether the incoming Deputy Chief Minister John Elferink would be happy staying as deputy to incoming Chief Minister Willem Westra van Holthe.
    It seems that Mr Elferink is determined to become Chief Minister at any cost.

  5. People wake up and smell the roses. This lady didn’t think of anyone but her self with this action.
    Alice Springs would have been smashed if this had worked, e.g. no money for any infrastructure, Red Centre Nats no longer, development of tourism directed back north.
    But she would get health back and do nothing, until she is told to do her job again and starts again.
    Resign Robyn, let someone that is willing to work for the good of our town do the job.

  6. If a majority of the good people of the NT are dissatisfied with the current political state of play, we, as enrolled voters and citizens, could petition the NT Administrator DIRECTLY to indicate that we, the people, no longer have confidence in the the incumbent government.
    We call upon him to dissolve the current NT Parliament and schedule an extraordinary general election. Let’s get some media muscle behind this too.

  7. NEW ELECTION! Same message coming from all quarters here in Darwin.
    Vote Independents, put CLP/ALP last.
    Only reason we have to wait until next year because Paul Henderson arranged for the vote to make four year terms.
    Maybe “regrets, I’ve had a few”.

  8. What were the numbers? Was it 9 out of 13 CLP parliamentarians voting to change leaders.
    Giles stared them down and most caved because they didn’t want to go to an election and face defeat.
    I wonder whether if Mills had done the same, would Giles even be CM right now.
    Giles then turns around claiming he never threatened to leave the CLP.
    Well, not supporting your parliamentary colleagues who have exercised their voting right (as you did to Mills) is pretty much the same thing.
    Anyway, this government (yes, I voted for them) have pretty much been a disaster from the get-go.
    Doesn’t appear we’ll have much choice either come election time.

  9. Giles should be worried that the Darwin CLP branches have not taken the same action as the Alice Springs branch in calling dissident members to account.
    By failing to act they are signalling a lack of party support for the Chief Minister, and that is not surprising.
    Terry Mills is not forgotten.
    Memories of the treacherous overthrow of the battler who brought the CLP to power only to be knifed while he was overseas representing the interests of Territorians run deep.

  10. God help us. If all we can hope for as an alternative to the CLP is the ALP. We need to elect people who will represent us with honesty and integrity not these ratbags. Vote independent.

  11. When I speak to people around Alice I have found an overwhelming sense that people are quite satisfied with Adam Giles as Chief Minister.
    In fact I find people often talk about how bad things were when Labor was in Government.
    So regardless of the politics of the day I for one will continue to support this government and its agenda to increase development throughout the NT, promote indigenous work participation and control the anti social behaviour of which under Labor control were a debacle.


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