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If bogged stay with your vehicle: Police

Police are urging motorists bogged in the current treacherous road conditions not to leave their vehicles.
“Walking off to get help often results in people getting lost or dehydrated which may have fatal consequences,” says Senior Sergeant Potts.
Police continue to search for a group of three who were driving their white Mitsubishi dual cab utility from Nyirripi to Lajamanu on Monday.
“A 57-year-old man, 53-year-old woman and a nine-year-old girl are believed to be driving along the back road to Tanami Highway and then onto Lajamanu Road through to Lajamanu,” says Sgt Potts.
“We are attempting to locate the group via road, however, weather conditions are currently preventing an air search.
“A 55-year-old man became bogged along the Plenty Highway, 140 kms from the Queensland border. Thankfully the man activated his EPIRB and was safely transported home.
“The incident highlights the importance of having an EPIRB or PLB (Personal Location Beacon) when travelling in remote areas.
“Due to these conditions motorists risk becoming stranded or involved in a crash at a location which emergency response units may find difficult to get to.
“The low level of cloud accompanying this inclement weather is also preventing aircraft from flying in some areas that may require a search and rescue operation.”
It is essential that people plan travels and let friends or family know when and where their journey will start, any proposed stops and their expected time of arrival.
“Be sure to carry sufficient food and water with you to last for at least two-three days,” says Sgt Potts.
Large sections of the Northern Territory, including Central Australia are experiencing high levels of rainfall with some areas in Central Australia expected to have 60-80mm of rain.
This will see a number of roads to Communities become either impassable or treacherous to drive due to wet and muddy conditions.


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