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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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  1. And for another take on it:
    “So no, I am most definitely NOT Charlie this morning and I am disgusted beyond words with the obscene display of double plus good thinking “solidarity” for a group of “caviar-lefties” who made their money spitting in the souls of billions of people and then dared them to do something about it.
    And I am under no illusion whatsoever about the fact that cui bono clearly indicates that the French regime either organized it all, or let it happen or, at the very least, makes maximal political use of it all.”

  2. Merci pour votre solidarité! Enorme marche aujourd’hui et nous y étions!
    Paris 11/01/2015
    @ Hal Duell: you are what we call un connard. For sure you think the attack at the Sydney café was organised by the Australian government and 9/11 planned by Bush. Maybe you also think the cruxification of Christ was Pope Francis’s idea.

  3. @ Hal Duell. I’m with you all the way on this. All of us need to read more, do our own research and not follow the “official line” like a mob of sheep. That, sadly, includes The Alice News too, Erwin. And NO, I am definitely NOT Charlie.

  4. Hi Domenico,
    As you are a long time beneficiary of the freedom of speech, a cornerstone of our democracy, I find your comment puzzling.
    I am offended by some of what Charlie Hebdo have published. The issue is their right to publish. The pen and the pencil, not the gun, are the tools to disagree.
    Erwin Chlanda, Editor

  5. @ Jean-Pierre & Cécile de Paris
    Posted January 12, 2015 at 4:04 am
    No, I do not think the attack in the Sydney cafe was the work of the Australian Government, but rather the work of a single criminal who could have been more properly either behind bars or already extradited to Iran to face criminal charges there.
    9/11 was clearly planned as anyone who has followed the events on and leading up to that day knows, only not by Bush who I suspect remains out of the loop to this day. But at least on that one you’re getting close.
    Your vacuous comment about the crucifixion of Christ goes to the heart of the disrespect that is the core of not just this episode, but also the spiritual vacuum we in the west have fallen into, and which is the underlying cause of so much of the strife and misunderstanding in today’s world.
    And Erwin, I fail utterly to see why cartoons clearly meant to offend and insult the religious sensibilities of the world’s Muslims can in any way be considered an exercise in free speech.

  6. Hi Hal,
    Please see my earlier response. Is your view that murdering those who offend is a proper course of action for those who are offended?
    Erwin Chlanda, Editor

  7. Erwin
    Of course not. And you know it.
    My point is that cartoons and comments designed to grievously offend and insult the religious sensibilities of any of the world’s faiths are not covered by “free speech”.
    My further point is a question. Why is Islam considered fair game while other religions are not?
    Every country, including France, has limits on freedom of speech. I have heard that in 2005 Le Monde was found guilty of “racist defamation” against Israel and the Jewish people.
    Also, it seems that in 2008 a cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo was fired after refusing to apologise for making anti-Semitic remarks in a column.
    What a pity that the editors at Charlie Hebdo did not act consistently and also fire the person responsible for the anti-Muslim cartoons before it came to what it has come to.
    It comes down to respect.

  8. Well put, Hal.
    And Erwin, just because I do not want to identify with CH does not mean I automatically support the criminal actions against them.
    In our “with-us-or-against-us” world, I’m merely exercising my right to my own opinion.

  9. Re Hal, feel very free to publish your views in the French press or possibly The Guardian. Un connard, I’d second that absolutely!

  10. I’m French, I live near Montpellier, in the south of France. It’s very important to see your solidarity. We feel stronger and better. Thank you so much! Merci à vous tous!

  11. To clarify my sources and because this error has been pointed out to me on another site, the quote which I posted at the beginning of this thread can be found at, is titled I am NOT Charlie, and is dated Thursday, January 8, 2015. Scroll down to find it if you like.
    The other site where I first found this article is by the same person but seems to have gone weird.

  12. Twp wrongs do not make it right. Some of the Muslims are full of hate and mistrust and are steering away from what the Koran actually says.
    The Koran speaks of peace and love.
    I wonder what America has done behind the scene. I am pleased to see the people in France united regardless of religion. 🙂 Peace.

  13. At home I have a quote on my wall attributed to the prophet Muhammad: “The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr”.
    This quote presumably is the origin of the common English saying: “The pen is mightier than the sword”. These proverbs are apt for our times.

  14. Erwin: Following our truncated conversation last night, I feel I should clarify my thinking on this issue.
    So, three points:
    There is no justification for murder save in a clear case of self defence.
    The satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is beneath contempt for hiding behind the veil of free speech while fanning the flames of sectarian division.
    The murderous attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo reeks of a false flag operation. The official version of events has more holes than a colander, and this is now coming out through the exercise by some of free speech and the access for most to a still largely free Internet.

  15. Erwin, please invite Hal Duel to expand at length on his conspiracy theories re 9/11, Paris and any others he subscribes to. Show us what you’ve got Hal.

  16. @Ian Sharp
    Posted January 17, 2015 at 9:05 pm
    As good a place to start as any would be Paul Craig Roberts. He is a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He regularly contributes to the political discussion outside the MSM.
    Follow the links. Make up your own mind.

  17. A good cartoon expresses an idea, has meaning even if it upset some readers. Alas, some of Charlie Hebdo have no meaning at all.
    We have freedom of idea, but we are responsible of the manner we express them.
    Liberty = responsibility = respect of others and their beliefs. Therefore I am not Charlie.

  18. For Noel and Cecile of Paris
    1. If you are for freedom of expression, you should not insult Hall Duell who express his ideas. A “connard” is an asshole and it is not a word used by an intelligent person who should know that in a discussion the one who starts insulting is a looser and street language does not win a debate.
    2. It is not so long ago that Holland himself stated that l’Etat “fabrique” des terroristes. = That The State make terrorist attacks. AFFAIRE TARNAC
    Une vidéo de 2009
    3. A question: did you walk for the school children massacred in Pakistan?

  19. The newspapers and cartoonist do not need to make a mockery about Islam religion. They are doing it them selves, fighting between themselves.
    If this a religion of peace, then stop and live in peace.
    In the advocate the other week we had Alice Springs Muslim priest crying on everyone’s shoulders that no-one likes them. I did not see anything in article about peace or what they can do for people of Alice Springs. After seeing the news in Pakistan and seeing all those children murdered I wonder why.


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