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4GX for some as much of Alice in mobile stoneage

p2201-telstra-map-3By ERWIN CHLANDA
Telstra is introducing is introducing its 4GX mobile service to sections of Alice Springs while extensive areas – especially south of the range (see map) – are still on 3G with no firm commitment to an upgrade.
The new system will service mostly the tourist area on the east bank of the Todd, part of the Eastside and Sadadeen.
Telstra is describing 4GX as “one of the world’s fastest mobile networks” but, when asked for details, it stated that 4GX has a “typical download speed of 2 to 75 Mbps” while 4G has 2 to 50.
Telstra says in a media release recent devices are “4GX enabled” but it will not upgrade free of charge devices it hires out to customers: “Almost all of this summer’s most sought-after smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband devices including Samsung Galaxy 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 are 4GX ready.
“The expansion of 4GX services also has wider network benefits for 3G and 4G customers, with 4GX services freeing up traffic from traditional services to help manage the ever growing demand for data.
“Telstra will continue to grow its 4GX coverage footprint throughout 2015 and beyond. Timing and plans for new areas will be advised as they are firmed up in future.”
(Google this site for earlier reporting on Telstra’s performance in Alice Springs.)


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