Another Kronan. How disgusting.


Suzanne Visser
I am devastated.
There is another Kronan in town. It’s brand new, bright orange, and it belongs to a male.
Who was strolling alongside it nonchalantly in the Woolies car park about a month ago. That’s all I know.
I can talk about it only now. The owner of the brand new bike did not even see me and my Kronan.
He parked the orange beast against a wall, locked it, and walked away from it, leaving it for closer inspection by me. Yes, exactly the same; including the metal cylinder for the pump on the back rack. How disgusting.
Gone are the days that I was the only Kronan owner in Alice. Gone are the days that people spontaneously commented on my bike.
They are getting blasé about it. They are getting USED to good bikes in Alice, not only Kronans, but all sorts of Dutch / Amsterdam-type bikes in a variety of funky colours.
This is, of course, a good development when you look at it objectively. But this column has never been objective. And I’m not single anymore either. Nor unemployed. Female? Yes, I’m still female.
All in all, I feel this should be the last column by your very own Single Female Bicycle Rider, as too many things have changed; the arrival of that bright orange Kronan Invader Bike for starters. My task is done.
It won’t be long before Alice is teeming with good bikes. I will delude myself with the thought that this happened because of me and my Kronan. Happy riding! SFBR.


  1. You can always console yourself that you were the first. Imitation is the sincerest form of success, or something like that. Gone are the days when you could land an aircraft on Memorial Ave. Sigh! Vale, SFBR.

  2. Maybe the other Kronan rider saw yours a few weeks before hand and thought wow, what a cool bike. I should get one too. He probably is not mocking you but just wanting to get around on a cool bike.
    Alas I never knew what a Kronan was until today when I decided to google it.
    I hope you don’t mind me posting the following.
    According to Cheeky these Kronans are quote:
    “Swedish Army design dating from the 1940s. Our updated interpretation retains its classic construction and historic charm, to which we have added up to the minute technology in gears, hub, and rear lights.” (2007).
    I found an image of an Orange Kronan bicycle on wiki.
    To me it just looks like an ordinary bicycle. However there are several features that make it a unique bike. The light and handle bars look great, alongside the rear shelf which could come in handy to carry a box or something. However in my opinion I don’t feel the look is enough to make me want to rush out and buy one. I don’t think it is everyone’s taste of a bicycle. Those wheel covers just don’t do it for me. Especially in bright orange. 🙂


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