CLC says 'no' to nuke dump


p2141-David-RossThe Central Land Council has all but ruled out a nuclear dump on Aboriginal land it controls – roughly half of the Territory’s southern half.
A meeting of 85 of the 90 CLC delegates at Lake Nash this week concluded without the nomination of a site for a nuclear waste management facility.
According to a CLC media statement, the meeting “considered the outcomes of the CLC’s consultations with the traditional owners of an area in the Tanami region and with affected communities about a proposed site for such a facility.
“The delegates heard that the CLC has received formal correspondence and public statements from the traditional owners and residents of affected communities who are opposed to a nuclear waste dump in the area.
“Therefore Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane’s requirement of a site ‘free from dispute’ cannot be met.
“The delegates did not instruct the CLC to consult further on the matter,” the statement says.
“The process enshrined in the National Radioactive Waste Management Act 2012 expects traditional owners to volunteer a site without knowing all the information.
“Yet once a site is nominated they cannot change their mind when they find out the full story,” the statement quotes CLC director David Ross.
“Given that a nuclear waste dump is forever it’s just not fair to ask people to make this decision without a comprehensive proposal.”


  1. Minister Ian Macfarlane’s requirement of a site “free from dispute” was certain to exclude Aboriginal land.
    The minister has got the outcome he wanted without appearing to disadvantage Aboriginal people on the national political stage.


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