Lajamanu 'Tip Top Tip' winner 2014


PHOTO left to right: Willie Johnson (Councillor); Adrian Dixon (Council President); Norbert Patrick (Councillor); Cathryn Hutton (CEO); Michael Erglis (Works Supervisor); Craig Patterson; Anton Simon; Stewart Penn (Field Officers).
Sir – The Central Desert Regional Council was the proud recipients of its second “Tip Top Tip” Award at the Territory Tidy Towns Awards on Friday night. The Lajamanu waste management facility is the second of council’s remote waste facilities to win the award after Yuendumu won it in 2013.
The facility is a perfect example of how regional waste facilities can be managed, President Adrian Dixon explained. Our council is a key partner in the Central Australian regional waste management program which is implementing best practice methods for remote waste facilities.”
The local civil works team in Lajamanu has implemented council’s best practice model to a tee, through hard work and good planning. Council is very proud of the team, as are the residents of Lajamanu.
The Lajamanu waste facility has had a major upgrade over the past 18 months.
The whole complex has been fenced, a new disposal pit excavated, old rubbish cleaned up, public drop off bays established and recycling areas set up.
All waste is sorted prior to disposal in the pits minimising the risk of environmental contamination and extending the life of the pits.
A special area has been established for the storage of car bodies which allows for those vehicles to be stored safely while still be accessible to the owners for parts recycling. The entire site is now clean and safe for council staff and the general public to use.
Lajamanu genuinely now has a Tip Top Tip and we are very proud of our local Works crew for what they have achieved.
Glenn Marshall
Director of Works


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