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Who's angry in Casuarina?

Sir – I don’t often laugh at politicians, they’re far too dangerous for that, but I must say that girl-child politician Lauren Moss had me snickering all morning.
Her naive comment “I think people are angry” in her reference to the Casuarina election result, where there was a massive swing of 17% against her party, is going to set the tone for Territory Labor for this term in Opposition and possibly longer.
I’m not sure if her big boss, Bill Shorten, would be so ecstatic about an “angry” swing of 17% against Labor for the next Federal election.
Petra Browne
Alice Springs



  1. The swing relates more to the shift in housing. The seat has significantly increased the amount of military housing in the last two years. I doubt Labor is as concerned as speculators claim. They held the seat and introduced a new young Territorian leader. Future looks bright.


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