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Giles: No more Mr Nice Guy on fuel prices

Sir – Last week I issued the fuel companies a “please explain” over their behaviour but at yesterday’s fuel price summit they failed to respond adequately.
I am no longer asking for an explanation from fuel stakeholders. I am now demanding one through a new Fuel Price Disclosure Bill to be introduced in the next parliamentary sittings.
It seems legislating is the only way to secure the answers Territory motorists missed out on at yesterday’s summit.
The legislation is currently being drafted and will bring price transparency to all levels of the supply chain.
This legislation will ensure that motorists can make informed choices about the companies operating here and how their prices are calculated.
I know this won’t be popular with many fuel stakeholders but Territorians need to know why they are paying above the average.
Disclosure legislation is just our first action in response to the summit.
I urge fuel companies to seriously assess their prices tonight because if I don’t see some immediate and substantial movement,  I reserve the right to take further action.
Treasury and other government agencies are now analysing information that was disclosed at the summit and investigating what further levers Government can pull to promote competition in the Territory fuel market.

Whilst I was pleased to see so many stakeholders attending the summit, unfortunately Territorians were denied the answers they deserve.
I am particularly disappointed at select companies’ refusal to give plausible reasons for the huge price spike which happened in 2011 when Delia Lawrie was Treasurer.
This jump dragged Territory bowser prices grossly out of sync with the rest of Australia and this hasn’t been adequately explained.
What came out of yesterday’s summit was that prior to 2011, Darwin was already paying a nine cent premium but under Delia’s watch that jumped  to 23 cents.
My questions to Delia Lawrie are what changed in 2011 and where is our 14 cents a litre?
Adam Giles
Chief Minister


  1. So the fuel companies will soon be transparently ripping off Territorians.
    How will that bring the price of fuel down?
    We already know they are shameless.
    And the price gouging could be Delia’s fault?
    Forget that Adam and do whatever it takes to get the price down.
    Do that and I will vote CLP for the first time ever and I suspect a lot of others will as well.


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