Abbott snubs Giles, says Lawrie


p1819lawriedeliaLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – In an unprecedented snub Prime Minister Tony Abbott is not meeting with Chief Minister, Adam Giles, during his stay in North East Arnhemland.
Earlier this year Adam Giles cut short a trip to Vietnam and spent $80,000 on a private jet for a photo opportunity, yet now he spends taxpayer funds to head to Malaysia to avoid scrutiny on his failure to meet with Mr Abbott.
It was always the case that a Prime Minister and Chief Minister would meet to discuss pressing issues and that it was extraordinary that Mr Abbott was snubbing Mr Giles.
Is Adam Giles so toxic that a Prime Minister of his own political persuasion won’t meet with him?
Mr Giles should be travelling to Gulkula to impress on Mr Abbott the importance of a Structural Adjustment Package for Nhulunbuy and North-East Arnhem following the loss of 1300 jobs with the Rio Tinto refinery.
Why are these two Leaders ignoring the calls to deliver a multi-care facility for aged, renal and MJD patients?
Tthe CLP Government is failing to stand up for Territorians by simply rolling over and accepting brutal funding cuts in health, education and tertiary training.
Is Mr Abbott’s week going to deliver much-needed roads funding to the region?
The failure of Adam Giles to meet with Mr Abbott speaks volumes about the paralysis of this CLP Government.
Delia Lawrie
Opposition Leader


  1. Re: Delia Lawrie
    Complaints Chief Minister Adam Giles is without scheduled meetings with Prime Minister Abbott during his stay in North East Arnhemland are old political crocodile tears.
    Most of the PM’s visit is within NT boundaries, yet mostly upon Commonwealth land, the land owned by Commonwealth corporate entities, under Commonwealth legislation, land with NTG involvement little more than servant of the Commonwealth, with Commonwealth restrictive guidelines, providing services, remits on funds, ensuring all satisfy instructions from Commonwealth entities.
    Perhaps Delia Lawrie likes playing the puppet dangling on the string.


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