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Changing school holidays? It's a hard one.

Sir – We have been asking Territorians whether or not school holidays could be reconfigured to achieve better outcomes for students.
Teachers, parents, students and community members have had an opportunity to complete an online survey which has had an encouraging level interest with over 4,300 responses so far.
There seems to be an overwhelming mood for change with 75 percent of respondents opting for a new holiday configuration.
I knew this would be a hot topic, it’s been discussed at school councils for years, however I was amazed to see so many people put forward their views on this issue.
Although a majority want something other than the status quo, there is no clear alternative at this stage. Different interest areas are after a different change, with only students (211) preferring the current configuration of 1-4-1-6 (weeks of holidays between terms).
Parents (2,107) are leaning towards option four which is 2-2-2-6 and teachers and school staff (1,507) prefer option two, 1-3-2-6.
It’s important that any change is made in the interest of improving outcomes in our schools.
The survey is open until midnight tonight. Any change resulting from the consultation process will not take effect until at least 2017 to account for holidays that may have already been booked in advance.
Results of the survey will be compiled and discussed with school councils during the consultation process of the Education Act Review.
A decision on whether to change, and what to change to will be made in the first half of 2015. The survey closes at midnight tonight.
Peter Chandler
Minister for Education


  1. If the survey found a majority of parents would prefer 2-2-2-6, then that would be the chosen option.
    Why confuse the situation with other groups. Those votes were lower.
    Ensuring parents were listened to and what fits into their working lives I would have thought would be high priority.
    As a grandparent I understand the pressures on working parent families. Why put out a survey, find the majority prefer X and then discuss the others? Stick with the majority opinion and stop behaving like the Labor and Green ministers.

  2. The NT school holiday calendar affects the entire NT community and everyone deserves a say on any changes and everyone’s view, if they live in the NT, is equally valid.
    I was pleased that this survey was circulated and was available to be completed by people who were “community members” which could include people without children or grandchildren.
    The weather in Central Australia, according to the Arrente seasons, is warming up in October, getting hotter in November, still very hot in December, hot winds in January and still hot in February and still warm in March.
    If your work requires travel to remote indigneous communities, men’s business excludes entry over the late part of the year.
    This leaves a six month period where travel conditions and weather are ideal.
    The four week break in June and July is disruptive. A large majority of the working population and their children leave town.
    Out of office replies are frequent, Government offices are understaffed, no festivals, sporting opportunities are diminished and some businesses close.
    The four week break in the middle of the year has never made sense to me.


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