Ryan: CLC members ready for breakaway

p2061-Maurie-RyanSMBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Maurie Ryan, the chairman of the Central Land Council, under threat of being sacked, says the majority of its 24,000 members are ready for a break-away land council.
He says he discussed the issue with Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion in Canberra today, where he went at his own expense.
Sen Scullion suggested awaiting the outcome of a special general meeting of the CLC next month, to be called to decide his fate, Mr Ryan says.
He wants the meeting to be held in Alice Springs at Blatherskite park, to stop it from being “hidden away from people who want to ask questions”.
Mr Ryan says while voting will be confined to the 90 delegates, any traditional owner will be able to attend and ask questions.
He says he will be barring white staff – lawyers, advisers, policy and administration officers – because “blackfeller law says withefellers can’t talk about Aboriginal land”.
He says he will engage at least five interpreters so all people attending can understand what’s going on.
Mr Ryan says he will put questions concerning the multi-million dollar investment company Centrecorp (three-fifths owned by the CLC), the Peter Kittle Motor Company in which it has a half-share, Centrefarm and the three IGA supermarkets on the agenda.
Mr Ryan says a recent move by the CLC executive to stand him aside as the chairman was invalid because only the full council – its 90 members – could make such a decision.


  1. You are not the chairman. Hello Maurie … ring, ring. Anyone home? You have been stood down … no powers!

  2. I for one am over reading about Maurie and his antics that he is trying to play on the CLC. Surely there must be some good happening in this town that is worth reporting as news.

  3. I hope Nigel comes to Alice Springs and sits and listens to the way Maurie is treated by the staff at CLC.
    I hope all Alice Springs people come along and see how David Ross dictates these meetings.
    Hello, wasn’t David Ross also stood down? How come he is still holding his position?
    Get your facts, come to a CLC meeting and watch. You will see what Maurie has to deal with.

  4. To Factual Thoughts:
    As a matter of FACT, Mr. Ryan still holds the power as a chairman for the delegates and executives of the Central Land Council.
    Mr. Maurie Ryan has been bullied all through the Central Land Council meetings held in Tennant Creek, Ross River and Lajamanu.
    If you and many of the so called ‘team Ross’ learn to grow up, others can go on to conduct a meaningful meeting, instead of looking and listening to a real life TV reality show of jealousy, envy and lust for power.

  5. Maurie, you brought it all on yourself with your mad ranting, bullying and racist abuse.
    Now you’re not even a CLC delegate anymore, with no power to do anything at any meeting.
    Just a useful fool of the (Country) Liberal Party, in whose offices you could be found when you were not gambling and betting on your fat pay package.
    But that’s all gone, Maurie. Alison Anderson will be happy to explain how they’re using you, she knows that mob too well.
    Go on, join them, you fit right in with your foul language. Call your own meeting, exclude whom you like and see how many turn up. Bet you won’t even get the two dozen who showed when you last called a public meeting.
    The rest of us just want to get on with the job of improving our lives. No thanks to you.

  6. To Alice in Alice:
    There is good news happening in Alice Springs. Mr Maurie Ryan has opened up a can full of maggots (worms) about what the CentreCorp has hidden: the financial truth for many years from the real tribal people of Central Australia who have invested in the shares.
    Mr. Maurie Ryan spoke about Aboriginal people are “Land Rich, and Dirt poor”.
    Alice in Alice, you are living in the wonder Land of Shame.
    Get over it.

  7. To Arunta:
    Totally agree with you on this one. Central Land Council needs a new director, to direct its people into the right path of governance.
    Direct: people in good manner in regarding their community peoples’ lifestyle.
    Direct: community into employment, training, education outcomes.
    Direct: with honesty, dignity and pride for its First Nations People of this country.
    Proverbs 11:28 He that “trusteth in his riches shall fall: but the righteous shall flourish as a branch”.

  8. To Alice in Alice:
    Mr. Maurie Ryan spoke about Aboriginal people are “Land Rich, and Dirt poor”.
    Alice in Alice, you are living in the wonderland of shame?

  9. @ Alyawarra Woman I am living in the Wonderland of shame. I’m shamed of our leaders that are not leading us properly and pulling us all of us into trial by media. I am shamed of this town being in an intervention and nothing good coming from that. I am shamed that people on town camps still do not have the right to buy their houses. The list goes on. But there are good people in this town that are doing amazing things, you might be one of these people, let’s hear about some good that they are doing instead of just hearing news about the Maurie show.

  10. Alice in Alice, I totally agree with you in your reply to me. My apologies to you. Our so called leaders need to learn how to lead our people in the right direction.
    Mr.Maurie Ryan is trying to do just that. CLC needs a new Director in order to lead the people in the right way.

  11. I want the CLC exposed for what they have done and are continuing to do.
    Line the pockets of key business men [who get most of their] money from the Government to expand.
    As long as CLC has “Yes” people in the groups they will get what they want. A lot of the time these people are not the right mob for the dreaming, and because you take the money from the land, you will get sick and die, I have seen it.
    Your greed for money to all involved in the wrong doing of mother earth, which connects us to country, will eat you up and consume you with hate for others in your own tribe even your own family.
    I feel sorry for you money hungry mob who just take, take … you do not have the voice of your people, you have bad karma coming to you.
    All who are associated with the CLC administration. To Maurie I wish you good luck, you are acting as a guardian should to country!

  12. Money money money. That’s all that CLC get. What do they do with it? Staff get over paid for doing not much. What needs to happen is they don’t receive as much $$$ and run like every one else does. The Federal Government needs to put money into better places.

  13. What value is the land title, when shareholding “Traditional Owners” managed by the CLC have lesser rights, responsibilities and opportunities?


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