Bess Price must come clean on nuclear dump


Sir – Parks Minister and Member for Stuart, Bess Price, must come clean about her activities around the possible nomination of a nuclear waste dump site in her electorate of Stuart.
It’s important that the Minister and local member is open and honest with the people of Stuart. We’ve been receiving disturbing information that the Minister has been talking to traditional owners in her area about a possible nuclear waste dump and may even have flown over an area in the Rabbit Flat region.
There are important questions that the people of Stuart deserve answers to. What role is she playing with traditional owners about the possible location of a nuclear dump site in Stuart?
What promises are being made to traditional owners to encourage them to consider giving up their land to house a dump site?
Traditional owners need clear, unbiased information about the ramifications of setting a nuclear waste dump, not political pressure and spin.
The Minister should also reveal whether the siting of a nuclear waste dump in Stuart was something that may potentially benefit her personally, as a traditional owner of lands in the electorate.
The ALP’s position was clear, that any siting of a nuclear waste facility should be based on sound science and should involve a discussion with the whole country, not be based on secretive deals.
Gerry McCarthy
Shadow Minister for Resources (pictured)


  1. Gerry McCarthy is a bit rich asking for clarification I doubt he knows the meaning of the word. Gerry has sat in a Labor seat for a long time with nothing recorded next to his name except a spin dial for his thought for the day.
    Gerry, if you were concerned for what is happening in the Territory, you should wake up wipe the sleep from your eyes and confess how long you have been asleep.
    To most of us it is since you were elected.
    Bess is doing a great job and is awake and working for the Territory. Go make a cup of tea and tun the spin dial again.


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