Unstable CLC: Maurie Ryan stood down again


p2061-Maurie-RyanBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Central Land Council chairman Maurie Ryan says he has been stood down again but stressed “I am not giving up, I am not standing aside”.
He said he is the CLC’s Lazarus and despite having been at the head the organisation for some time, he described it as a “carcass infested by parasitical vermin”.
Where is all the cattle company and Centrecorp money, he asked in a phone call with the Alice Springs News Online, and accused the CLC of being a gatekeeper for the Labor Party.
The News was told by a source, speaking on condition of not being named, that the standing-down had been carried out by the organisation’s executive, and that a special general meeting would be held to ratify the sacking.
A media officer of the CLC said in accordance with the recent directive of the full council, only it could make statements about issues relating to Mr Ryan.
She said the council’s next ordinary meeting would be held in November and a special meeting in September.


  1. Well done to the Executive, they now can get on with running the business and not be distracted by putting out bushfires.

  2. Well done CLC. Maurie needs to call it a day. He is not doing the organisation any good, when every day he is creating problems and not being professional. Does Maurie not see that as the Chairman he has a responsibility to the Council, Executive and Constituents, not to go solo and expect the Council who all speak English most being educated and don’t need a translator to have to reign him in and referee fights at meetings because he wants to ring his own bell? Maybe now they can get back to business.

  3. Kelly. You say “Well done to the Executive, they now can get on with running the business.”
    I can see how the CLC can easily pass as a business, with Mr Ross as a Managing Director, but I think that is exactly Mr Ryan’s criticism.

  4. @ Observer, get your head out of the sand. Maurie is not doing the CLC and its members any good the way he is going about things, yes Business, CLC Business.

  5. Observer I like your comments. Sounds like you are one of Maurie Ryan’s followers. What has he promised you, the Managing Director’s position? Most of the people who make comments usually put their name to them – shouldn’t you as you know so much.
    David Ross is the Director, the full Council manages, but I guess you already knew this. If you go back through the NT News over many years you will see comments from Maurie Ryan to the editor on a lot of issues, he set up a Political Party as he was going to fix some of the issues but he failed miserable at that. His next battle is bringing the CLC down. Maurie you just can’t do a thing right. I could go on about a lot of Maurie’s failing but I think I will let the media show us that.

  6. I agree with Observer.
    Warlpiri people asking where their investment money for their Cattle Company has gone?
    Arrernte people asking, “where our money gone from investment?”
    Should all tribal Aboriginal remote communities benefit from all that investment money to put back into their community to create employment, training, education and housing?
    It is time that Central Land Council replace its director with a person who knows how to care for its Aboriginal people on country.
    Virginia Ross, my deepest sympathy to you. I feel so sorry for you.

  7. @ Alywarra Woman, posted August 25, 2014 at 5:30 pm
    The Alice Springs News Online sent the following enquiry to the Central Land Council:
    Can you please cast some light on this – see attached two pages of a company extract for the Warlpiri Cattle Company 078 483 537.
    The first page shows the company was deregistered on 07/05/1997 and re-registered on the same day.
    The second one shows James Nugent, Austin Sweeney and David Avery were directors from that date until 08/02/2000.
    What happened to the company and its assets (what were they?) during that period, and since? 
    We received the following reply from the CLC:
    The ASIC record shows ownership of the company by two one dollar shares held by (1) Granites Mine Affected Area Corporation & (1) Indigenous Land Corporation.
    The record shows the company (registered in 09/05/1997) was deregistered in 08/02/2000 – due to nil activity. 
    It had no assets (absenting the nominal $2 capital), and ceased to exist in 2000: the project for which it existed never having commenced.
    Erwin Chlanda, Editor, Alice Springs News Online

  8. In March David Ross’ contract expired. His use-by date is up and when that happens, get the hell out.
    This bloke thinks he owns the CLC.
    All Maurie Ryan is trying to do is advertise the position and get new blood in, and open up what belongs to the Arunta people.
    David, no one wants you. Go. I forgot one more thing. Should any of you Aboriginal people get in trouble and need a lawyer, see David Ross, they used David Avery in court for Michael Liddle against Maurie, so do not go to CAALAS.
    We have sat at meetings and watched Vincent Forrester and Michael Liddle disrupt and call Maurie names.
    These lawyers should not be on anyone’s side, yet they are backing David Ross who should be spending his money on lawyers outside of CLC. Maurie has to spend his own money for anything he does.

  9. Erwin Chlanda, posted August 26, 2014 at 5:52 am
    @ Alywarra Woman, posted August 25, 2014 at 5:30 pm.
    Thank you Erwin Chlanda for clarifying this information in regards to the Warpiri people’s Cattle Company.

  10. Lhere Artepe, Untulye, Mubantye and Ilpma. As an Arunta man and an owner of the land I would like to know about the moneys that were lost. Maybe this is why we are being blocked because we would open things up, just like Maurie Ryan wants to.


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