Immersed in metal


Central Australia is making a serious name for itself in the metal music scene.
Leading the way is Uncreation, who come under the Black Wreath label, a local outfit, five larrikin lads all hailing from Alice Springs.
They are: Pirate, Luke ‘Muntz’ Taylor, Josh ‘Wonky’ Bollard, Dom Golotta, and Rowley ‘Kid’ Hill. The boys have been together since 2009, starting out as just “a bunch of dudes jamming.”
Lead singer Pirate spoke with me over a drink, like all good pirates brazenly ordering a double rum.
Uncreation have recently unveiled their self-titled debut album. On Pirate’s advice I listened to it from start to finish at full volume, in a dark room. He advised lying down. Instead I let out my ponytail, grabbed my dear flatmate, and together we ‘”thrashed out” the entire album.
Music lovers will embrace the eclectic flavours and twists and turns on which this album takes the listener. For a first album this is extremely tight, and could hold its own in the international metal circuit. Although to this relatively fresh wannabe metal head, lyrics are hard to decipher, the music is raw, tight and evokes a primal energy.
After listening I make myself a cup of tea, and read the lyrics: From SOBEIT, a perfect fusion of psychedelia meeting metal, and my personal fave from the album:
I am the Creator
I am the Destroyer
Do not divide the Two
I am the last false prophet
As my prophecy is true
Certainly words to ponder upon, deep and evocative.
Uncreation performing live is quite the show. Says Pirate: “Every performance is its own opportunity to create something. I have no desire to create anything I don’t believe in. Ever. That I don’t feel. That doesn’t come from somewhere. I can’t do it if I have to be forced to do it. That can deplete the energy and the magic from inside, it becomes a parody of something that comes from its original purpose.
“So I don’t wanna perform just for the sake of it. I don’t wanna kill it for myself. People should not have to sit through a half assed exercise. Every time I do it I think people should take something away from it, something that might stay with them.”
Pirate says about the debut album: “The recording is trying to capture that same energy (as a live performance). Creating this and reaching out through the imagery. The music itself, and its song, creating those noises, it’s something that is supposed to be done in an environment that is like a blank space, a blank silence where we can create that contrast, make noise that makes impact.
“It’s about channeling that energy to go back into the space where a song was created: Preparing your mind, and your energy to deliver it, with conviction while you’re doing it”.
Want advice? Take the plunge and get lost in what is truly the work of gifted musicians.
PHOTO by Jessicat Webb.



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