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Mysterious interference with Alice mobile calls

A mystery source of interference is causing disruption to mobile phone calls in Alice Springs as well as to internet users linked to 3G and 4G access for browsing and emails.
When the Alice Springs News Online requested Telstra to comment, it provided the following reply: “There is some outside interference impacting on the performance of the mobile network in Alice Springs.
“While some people in an area might not notice a change, often those towards the edge of a coverage area will notice they don’t have coverage where they once did.
“We are currently trying to find the source of the interference.”


  1. Outside interference? How far Outside and in what direction? East, west, skywards? Yes, it is satellite communication. Just Like my calls to complain of scammer calls from people with foreign accent. Redirected to Manila based operators. There is no ‘Inner’ control from Telstra except for collecting the money.


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