5% council rate rise proposed


The Town Council is proposing a 5% rate rise largely to cope with increases in electricity costs.
This would bump up minimum rates by $54 to $1137. Of the 9161 rateable properties, 2800 are on minimum rates.
Garbage charges a proposed to be raised by $14 to $311. Other charges are proposed to go up also. Pool admission would rise 8% to $6 per adult.
The aim is to raise $19.5m from rates for a budget of $38m.
Mayor Damien Ryan, launching the draft budget and the four year municipal plan, said a short while ago that power costs are expected to go up 5% and Power Water Corporation has imposed a charge of $469,000 for street lights and maintenance.
Mayor Ryan said this is a new cost for local government never paid before. Overall street lighting costs approximately doubled.
The council has to budget for by-elections: Last year it costs the council $100,000 to replace Cr Geoff Booth.
Mayor Ryan says the council aims to save $700,000 by extending the life of equipment it owns.
The draft will be on public display until June 25.


  1. Yearly increases of rates only make it more expensive to live in the town, to compensate for rises in costings for the council is one reason stated.
    This with increase in fuel cost will, have a flow on effect to everything we purchase only making it more challenging to be in the town we enjoy being a part off.
    Yet as a rate payer of 11 years I believe I have seen little or any improvements in the maintaining of parks that our children play in within my area.
    I weekly on the weekend go out and clear all the broken glass and litter that has ended up in the park at Finlayson, Gillen during the week. As I believe it is a hazard to my children and other children plus the wider community that is using this reserve with increasing frequency.
    I have no issue in that fact as such as I believe as an individual I and the wider community can share in the responsibility often left to council. However, with these increased rates I cannot help and wonder if this time it will come with a little more action in the area of improving the quality of parks and streets that we live and play in.

  2. Suggestions:
    Reduce ranger positions, they are not all needed now the police have reclaimed the streets.
    Sublet the massive building the council resides in.
    Lower dumping fees so ratepayers stop dumping in remote places where council staff have to retrieve it at high cost.

  3. Do all the essential services and maintenance before any expenditure on feelgood projects. Stop wasting money on oddball equipment and projects. Utilise the workforce time more effectively and minimise the number of vehicles.

  4. Are there any properties, corporations or businesses which are exempt from rates Damo? Just askin.


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