Law enforcement leads changes to CBD


Location, location, location. I think that real estate mantra sums up why the former video shop then Government’s Alcohol Courts opposite Billy Goat Hill will not be converted into a Supreme Court.
It is also why a hopefully grand structure could go up on the site of the old Commonwealth Bank building.
If allowed, this development would make for an impressive Parsons Street.
Looking west from the Todd River, we would have traffic slowly passing a biodiversity corridor (a drainage ditch in her party frock), then pedestrians only past the reflecting pool (even if it usually doesn’t) and all centred on the Foundation Tree, a grand old-man gum tree in anyone’s eyes.
Continuing, on the left we would have a new Supreme Court, the rejuvenated Residency and the current courthouse and police station. On the right are the old courthouse and the Greatorex building with its welcoming lawns.
Even the facade of Alice Plaza is presentable here, although I do wonder about the barricaded door where the entrance to The Cage used to be. Is it true that Zombies be there, or is that a caution from an old map?
If approved, a new alfresco venue at the Plaza’s main entrance would enhance the area and probably trade well given the increase in activity bound to come with a new courthouse.
Rowdy spill-overs from contentious court cases will either move back to the Greatorex lawns or flow down the Todd Mall. Well, that’s Alice for you. There’s often some form of street theatre catching our interest around there.
And if Darwin really wants to spend money in Alice, why argue. 
Some purpose will be found for that bland building at the intersection of Railway and Stott Terraces.
Perhaps we could run hessian wings into it from the top of Billy Goat Hill to contain the periodically out-of-control kids who make Rex Neindorf’s life such a misery at his Reptile Centre.
Those same kids often cause motorist to speed past, especially at night, for fear of getting rocked, and it would be good to see them denied that hill permanently.
Or, perhaps the building could be leased to Clive Palmer to house his growing kennel of PUPs.


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