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Plans for mall project continue despite government 'no'

The Uniting Church and the Town Council are looking for new ways of financing a residential, shopping and leisure complex which would turn Todd Mall into “a community friendly place that welcomes locals and travelers”.
Church spokesman Bruce Walker says they are now “looking for new ways of packaging and financing” the project after the NT Government declined to contribute $2m to kick off the $70m project.
Plan A was for the church and the council to contribute – apart from their prime land around the Flynn Church – $1m each.
With the requested government contribution that would have raised $4m, making a dollar-for-dollar contribution from Canberra likely, pushing the seed funding to $8m.
Dr Walker says discussions are ongoing between the church and the council to go ahead without NT Government support. “We are committed to make it work,” he says.


  1. It’s not in Darwin! Anyway, they are probably looking at the results of the other end of the mall.

  2. I hope the council is planning on keeping most of the grass area. That’s the best thing about the mall. That area is open and green. I don’t think Alice needs another shopping center.

  3. Oh well, looks like the Alice Springs Town Council wants to do away with some more lawn, maybe the NT Government is trying to do the Alice a favour.
    Where is the real input by the people of Alice Springs on town planning?

  4. @ Ian: How on earth did you arrive at that conclusion? The proposal called the meeting place, actually extends the grassy area from street to street, with a capacity of thousands! However nothing is settled yet.
    Let’s hope that it soon will be. For this project will be the best thing that’s happened for Alice in a long time, it will be an enormous and might I say desperately needed, confidence boost for business and investors in the town while bringing a whole new lifestyle and exciting amenity to a very tired own centre. Looking forward to it!

  5. @1 Steve: If that is correct I am pleased and stand corrected as I have not personally seen any of the plan. I made the assumption that it was to be more “tar and cement”.


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