Marvellous Alice hangs in there, in the face of adversity


It’s almost as if we are holding our breath. Will John Elferink replace Adam Giles as Chief Minister before the whole shaky CLP edifice comes tumbling down?
Will Alison Anderson succeed in establishing a Department of Aboriginal 
Affairs with herself as the Minister before the bush empties for good?
Will Sitzler Bros get the nod to build a new court house on the site of the old Commonwealth Bank building? Or, with the building now down, will we get to gaze with wonder at another vacant lot for a few years instead?
Will the proposed medium-to-high density housing development along South Terrace get DCA approval? And if approved, will it actually get built, and how will any take-up there effect the development of Kilgariff?
Will Lhere Artepe continue to flog grog while bemoaning the reported 60% of inmates in the Alice Springs Goal showing signs of foetal alcohol damage?
Will superannuated movie stars continue to bang on about sovereignty instead of fostering participatory citizenship as the only way to prevent Australia from fracturing into a nation of selfies with a different law for each self-ordained group?
And will so many from across the political spectrum ever stop hiding behind the chimera of human rights while the humans in the frame continue to be pawns on the chessboard of personal aggrandizement, while they continue to steal from neighbours and murder in the riverbed through deep frustration with the sheer ineptitude of those who proclaim themselves our leaders?
We listen to so many voices, calling for everything from rolling back the Intervention to allowing unrestricted access to alcohol.
We blame first, second and third, and accept responsibility maybe never.
And we wonder what will ever be sold in all those shops putting up a busy front while selling nothing, or almost nothing.
And yet, somehow, Alice survives. Bloody marvelous town. Nowhere else would put up with her.


  1. Sorry Hal, but you fail to mention directly one thing, that is that all the problems Alice has are fairly recent, and caused by one group, and one group only. The administration, all of them in whatever form they take. Alice is being strangled to death by those that should be giving her life.


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