Alison spooking the horses – someone has to do it!


There is that about party politics that keeps returning us to square one. It stems from thinking that everything they do is simply wrong, while everything we do is imbued with wisdom, courage and foresight.
Once every four years, or three in the Federal cycle, we hear the same old same old of this and that, and then post-election all the winners toe their respective party lines. If the majority of those winners happen to be from what was the Opposition, then it’s shredder time.
Or to put it another way, what happens when governments change is that the 51% feel it is their right (whereas in reality it’s only their turn) to delete whatever has recently been done, and to put the good, the bad and all those now in opposition up against the wall.
Then every once in a Blue Moon up rises someone who is willing to say it like they see it. Some call this phenomenon a wrecking ball, others a loose cannon. I prefer the less emotive random particle, but whatever name is used, everyone, without exception, is now eligible for the wall.
Here in the NT the Member for Namatjira is currently filling that role. Love her or loathe her, she does tend to expose our Legislative Assembly as a house of mendacity and mediocrity.
She also tends to spook the horses, and as much as I enjoy the show, I’ll have to admit that if I were in charge of a political party, I wouldn’t let her near the joint.
But I’m not, so it’s go, you good thing. I only wish there were more like you.


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