Land councils a tool of oppression, not advancement


The control of Aboriginal lands by parasitical organisations called land councils is a disastrous mess.
It stops advancement and halts progress for both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal Australians alike. The councils stifle and stamp out individual achievement of any kind by the time-honoured method of creating division and infighting.
The councils are maverick organizations that answer to no one; benefit no one, other than the lawyers and bureaucrats that work for them.
Sources within the Central Land Council say that the council is responsible for holding up, or stifling altogether, many possible projects for Central Australia, projects that would be of great benefit to all Centralians, especially at a time of financial hardship such as  we a presently facing it.
Or perhaps I should draw a slightly longer bow and say, that is also very much part of why we are facing such circumstances.
So how bloody disappointing to read the comments from Minister Nigel Scullion in this edition of Alice Springs News Online where he states that he won’t be tackling amendments to the Land Rights Act because he’s afraid of the voice of small “l” Patronising Paternalistic Liberals in Melbourne and Sydney!
So what the hell are you there for Nigel? We have the Prime Minister Tony Abbott, yourself and Adam Giles, who all have sufficient knowledge of the issue, to get in there and make a difference.
This may well be a one off opportunity where the political allegiances line up, a once in a lifetime chance to make the far reaching changes necessary to lift and advance the lives of so many Australians!
Isn’t it your job, your obligation, to convince those southern voters why the changes are required? Don’t you have a moral obligation, especially to Territorians, to advance their cause?
The lives of Aboriginal Australians will not advance whilst ever this parasitic tool of oppression and dependency is allowed to exist!
Land held under a stifling system of community ownership that does recognise the many different peoples of Aboriginal Australia who no more want to operate under a single flag than the Germans, Poms and French. A tool that doesn’t encompass any form of individuality even though the Aboriginal people of yesterday were amongst the most individualistic on earth!
To advance their cause we have to give individuals incentive to get off their backsides and to use their assets productively. There is only one way to achieve that outcome – individual ownership – just like all other Australians!
Why? Because nobody is going to slave their guts out achieve something if some other persons sitting on their backsides are doing nothing, can lay claim to the fruits of their labour, without ever having lifted a finger to help.
Hasn’t the entire planet learned that by now? Communism is dead! So why are we in 21st century Australia, supporting this system? Unless the entire intent is to patronise and suppress Aboriginal Australians, from now to eternity?


  1. History has revealed that having land IS power. Vis Roman Empire, English, Russian, German and other Empires – all land grabbing endeavours, without regard to others. Some organizations have actually learnt from history. Simple!

  2. The Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Land Trusts deny individuals and groups ability to undertake activities, to make use of land.
    Frequently the ALR(NT) Land Trusts deny individuals and groups for whose benefit the land purportedly held in trust.
    The ALR(NT) Land Trusts deny “intended beneficiaries” homes for themselves and their family.
    The ALR(NT) Land Trusts deny “intended beneficiaries” opportunity to undertake other activities towards improving things for themselves.
    Clearly the ALR(NT) Land Trusts’ ongoing denial of leases to individuals, particularly for houses constructed with public monies, is oppression.
    Control of the land certainly is the power.
    Three decades of failed development as conventional communities, with homes and businesses, is clearly produced by this oppression.
    Three decades of oppression, managed by the Central Land Council.


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