Let's not allow Aboriginal recognition to be hijacked


It is time for the Aboriginal leadership of the Territory to stand up and fight for true reconciliation, a way forward for all Australians.
Proposed changes to the constitution recognising Aboriginal Australian history prior to European settlement are in danger of being sabotaged as the discussion is hijacked by the more radical chip on the shoulder isolationists amongst us. They are ably backed up by the Patronising Paternalist who seeks to further isolate Aboriginal people from mainstream life, forcing them to live out what he sees in his misguided delusions, as a loftier mystical way of living.
Make no mistake, nobody would suffer more at the hands of an Aboriginal Nation being suggested by some, than  Aboriginal people themselves, should mainstream Australians ever be deluded enough to vote for such an option.
The historical divisions amongst Aboriginal Australians run every bit as deep as those in Europe. Attempts to force people together under an Aboriginal flag would only serve to further isolate and subjugate the peoples of many tiny nations or tribes that make up Aboriginal Australia, into writhing sea of dog eat dog turmoil and dissent – land councils on steroids!
The facts are of course that Australians will never allow such division within our society and will simply vote “no” to any constitutional change that attempts to threaten the unity of that nation.
This will result in a long sought for chance to unity and inclusion, the only possible way forward for reconciliation, being lost for at least another decade and possibly much longer.
There is only one possible way that the yes vote will get up at the proposed referendum, and that is if Australians are voting for recognition as equals, acceptance of a history prior to European settlement and the right to be recognised and included by Aboriginal Australians as equal citizens in a “united Nation”.
This is not the time for separation, segregation as many chip on the shoulder lefties are proposing, it is time to come together.
Prominent Aboriginal Australians, particularly those here in the Territory, which is generally accepted by most Australians as being the seat of Aboriginality in Australia, those persons must stand up for and argue vehemently, passionately, for inclusion: Not for another 50 years of wallowing in dependency bought about by some misconceived, misguided chip on the shoulder belief of being owed something, of having the right to sit on their proverbials with their hands out.
Just look at the misery and destruction that this has wrought upon all the tribes of this land! Now is the time to stand up take up equality and responsibility, and bequeath to your children a life that is just plain and simply worth living. Get on with it guys, get out there and fight for it!
Otherwise Australians as a whole, every single one of us, will lose again! The changes to the constitution must be about coming together, about inclusion, with segregation being consigned to history! This way we can all proudly march together into the 21st century!


  1. @ Sally and Piffel Princess, is it really that obvious? And to think I was trying to pretend otherwise … After a lifetime of living in the Centre the enthusiasm for the wide eyed gushing Paternalism that we are constantly confronted with from “lefties” just kinda wears off and gives way to a deep seated feeling of complete intolerance … So yes I confess to the presence of a little timber on my shoulders when it comes to “lefties”. LOL,

  2. Yes it shows … maybe to keep your bitterness exciting you could mix your cliches up a bit. Three “chip on the shoulders” in one (short) article may make you seem a bit lazy and somewhat ranty.


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