Beware tradies in utes (but they're not all bad)


Walking my inner dog
Up till now I, Single Female Bicycle Rider, have informed you about what it is like to ride a pushbike in Alice.  All in all the experience is very positive, except when it comes to tradies in utes.
But what I haven’t been specific about is what is like to be single in Alice. After all I am a SINGLE female bicycle rider as opposed to a Female Bicycle Rider only.
Uhoh, I can hear you think now: next she’s going to explain to us what it is like to be FEMALE in Alice. But I will spare you that, dear readers, as being female is a very mysterious experience everywhere you go, tradies or no tradies.
But SINGLE, ha!  It is in fact quite nice to be single in Alice. Alice is a kind of living room where I go to let myself out of the house. Yes. I let myself out every day like I would walk a dog.
I always make sure I have a small goal. Shoppings, the newspaper, an hour of studying at Chifleys … I share my house with one other person and that is nice enough, but I need to get out of the house, see, or rather feel people.
As soon as I hit the CBD I get that living room feeling. I can be amongst people without having to speak with them. I like that feeling.
As for possible suitors: forget it! Some research on some of the biggest dating websites give about ten (10) possibilities in Alice, all the same people on all websites. It is as if you’re looking at a list of serial killers.
When I let their searching machines hook me up with the most likely candidate they always come up with Jol Fleming.
Whom I have known for years! And whom I love, but do not desire. Sometimes I send him a digital kiss from such a website.
When we meet next we laugh like hyenas. He gave me permission to disclose this.


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