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So much for the 'revitalisation' of Todd Mall

Sir – As the decline of the northern end of Todd Mall continues it’s instructive to look at newspaper advertising from 1968, namely the feature about Murray Neck’s joining Retravision that year.
Take a look at the line near the top of the first page (“Our store location has not changed – it is at the busy end of Todd Street – opposite Woolworths”), that is the northern end of then Todd Street.
Of course, we’ve just seen the closure (Christmas Eve) of Murray Neck Leading Edge in Alice Plaza, the last of the Murray Neck businesses (and nearby where the original Murray Neck’s used to be).
It came three years ahead of schedule, according to Chris Neck on ABC radio late last year.  The decline in business had been so rapid during 2013 it forced their hand to close earlier than anticipated.
In addition we’ve got the impending closure of Dymocks (January 18) and – I’m told – Centre Souvenirs & Gifts is also shutting its doors.
Hmm, so much for the “revitalisation of the north end of Todd Mall”.
With NT Government offices also thinning out upstairs, one has to wonder what’s in store for the future of Alice Plaza?
But it’s not just there, as Yeperenye is losing a couple of tenants, too – A Home Like Alice & Travelbaggers (the latter one of the original tenants, I think).
Both businesses have been for sale but there are no takers, so the doors are closing. A trend, I think, that shows every likelihood of continuing.
Alex Nelson
Alice Springs


  1. It’s possible to date the “revitalization” of the Todd Mall to the construction of the Ford (now Alice) Plaza.
    While the hope and hype was to improve for the better our CBD, both were misplaced. From its first day, that structure’s eastern wall has been a standing case for urban renewal.
    On a more hopeful note, I have been told that A Home Like Alice has been sold and will be trading under new owners from mid-January.

  2. @ Peter Bassett.
    My feelings exactly. I have nothing but happy memories of Alice (72 to 82) and sadness for what she has become today. Terry.

  3. Hello … ello…lo.
    Is anybody there … ere?
    Council … cil … il.
    Chief Minister … ister … er.
    Four other local Ministers … isters … ers.
    Where the hell are you lot … are … you … lot … you … lot.
    I reckon I’ll go too … ooo … ooo.

  4. Well said! Open your eyes Council! Go and ask the business owners how great the redeveloped mall is? Tax funded money wasted.
    So sad to hear that these businesses are closing. Yes, on-line shopping is one factor – how about lowering rent? Providing incentives for business owners?
    Organising events throughout the year to encourage foot traffic? Action needs to happen now! Not in two to three months’ time.

  5. I remember the big red plastic heart adorning the Ford Plaza when it was built … Sounds like the plaza is in need of a triple by-pass to clear the blockages and get the space pumping along again.
    I agree with Hal Duell regarding the Eastern facade – a bit alienating in urban design terms, lacks the elements to promote positive engagement with the public space that is the Mall. I wish the locals all the best with overcoming the economic and social hardships … in my heart. I still call Alice home.

  6. It’s too late to close the door after the horse has bolted. Getting the horse back into the stable is the hard part now that the door is closed!

  7. I would love to do deals for anyone interested in opening a shop in Alice Plaza.
    I can offer rent free periods, contributions to the shop fit out, and a low rent period. Many of the shops (Dymocks, Murray Neck and the Souvenir shops), it is as simple as their leases expiring and the lease holder retiring from the business. In other areas (fashion shops), there is a national downward trend in sales (perhaps due to shopping on line).
    Where we (Shopping Centre Management) get a little peeved is where we read that people don’t want to open in the plaza because the rent is too much, yet these people are not contacting me to make an enquiry, so how do they know what the rent is that I am offering??
    Feel free to contact me if interested in leasing a shop.
    Tony Bowes
    Property Manager
    Alice Plaza 0414 856 770


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