CLP turns its back on its heartland: Lawrie


Sir – The CLP Government has turned its back on businesses and families in Alice Springs.
They are hurting, with the cost of living increasing while there is little on the horizon to instill confidence in the local business sector.
The lack of real progress on the Kilgariff subdivision is a clear example of the Giles Government dropping the ball in Alice Springs.
Adam Giles went to the election promising 100 blocks would be fast tracked – where are they?
He promised that Kilgariff blocks would be ready to sell off the plan by July this year – not one block is even close to going to market.
He now says there will be 30 blocks to be developed by the Government’s own Land Development Corporation and has no idea about the timeline of when local developers may get a look in or when local home buyers can get land.
They have put no effort into planning for the future of Alice Springs, despite having five local members who are meant to be looking after the interests of Central Australians.
Coupled with the fact that alcohol issues in Alice are getting worse. Their latest crime stats show alcohol related assaults are up by more than 11 per cent and locals are reporting more public drunkenness and social disorder.
It’s astonishing how badly this Government has mucked things up in their heartland.
I’ve always said the CLP takes Alice Springs for granted and the past 16 months shows how out of touch the Chief Minister and local town members really are with the Centre.
Delia Lawrie
Opposition Leader


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