NT government evicts badminton from its home of 30 years


Sir – We, the NT Badminton Association are under an eviction notice from the NT government to leave our home, a dedicated sports facility, called the “Sports House” in Fannie Bay that we share.
We currently use the facilities seven days a week, for social, competitive and instructional play and have been using it for over 30 years.
The government’s explanation of this eviction is its need to convert the land zoning from “community purpose” to “medium density” and sell the land for housing development to the highest private bidder, to build medium / high density flats / town house for Darwin housing needs.
We have asked for a delay to the redevelopment to allow for an extension of stay for the badminton hall so we can continue to play badminton while we propose a new home for our sport.
Without any extension of usage of our current home or a suitable replacement facility we would face being homeless, relegated to inadequate facilities such as school halls which are not up to the task of housing up seven days of badminton play a week with day and night play.
We have proposed a new and permanent home for our sport which would be shared with other recreational and sporting clubs at the Marrara Sporting Complex.
The new proposed multi-user facility would serve many sports and allow others in crowded facilities to find fresh space.
For the Government it would only take some of the money from the sale of the land that we currently call home to fund the new facilities.
Bob Beadman



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