Councillor Booth director of new Alice escort agency


UPDATED: On council website, he is a “family man, proud resident of Alice.”
An elected member of the Town Council, Geoffrey John Booth (pictured), is a director and secretary of an escort agency being set up in Alice Springs, and the CEO of Imparja television, Alistair Feehan, is a shareholder.
Karen Avery, of the NT Department of Business, has confirmed that Candy Land Escorts NT Pty Ltd is the applicant for the licence.
In ASIC documents the principal place of business is listed as 11 The Fairway, Alice Springs (below right).
The address of Cr Booth is given as 9C Watkins Street, Fremantle, WA 6160.
Another shareholder is Booth Nominees Pty Ltd, at Unit 2, 73 Hartley Street, Alice Springs, NT 0870.
A total of 100 shares have been issued, and the five shareholders have 20 each.
Further shareholders are Craig Sinclair Reid, Unit 3, 51 Bath Street, Alice Springs; Duangjan Atkins, at an address in Bangkok, Thailand; and Maxine Elizabeth Fensom, of Brunswick East, Victoria.
Mr Feehan’s address is given as 68 Hillside Gardens, Alice Springs.
Cr Booth is described on the Town Council website as “a proud resident of Alice Springs and has been for more then 13 years. Married with three children, Councillor Booth is a family man who stands for family values.”


  1. Wonderful, with a Thai director, hopefully, we’ll have a few stunning Asian women helping keep our male population serviced.
    Mr Booth and his cohorts will just need to ensure that only the women come to Australia and not any exotic diseases.
    As I understand it, prostitution is legal in the Territory, so it really doesn’t matter that he’s a councillor, provided there is no conflict of interests.

  2. Mr Booth can be in WA and the NT simultaneously by the law of virtual reality which means you can say anything and be anywhere and move truths and ethics as you best see fit to fit your purposes. Mr Booth shows us the way to do this therefore he is on the Council as a good example. Because of virtual reality and internet capacities and Facebook also all of us can now have no fixed addresses, none of us have fixed identities. Also, the fact is many of us camp in and around town, most of us light fires on sites and therefore all of us are subject to an increase in by-law fines. This will please Councillor Booth who is an honourable man.
    No one need be concerned that a Councillor in Alice Springs actually gives his address as WA, states that he supports family values and simultaneously gains profit from an escort agency and candy and wants us to not light fires, not camp, and not have fixed identities and not drink alcohol in public places while police tip out our chardonnay so we can be fined by the Council by-laws. All of these contradictions are possible. The real problem is that the Alice Springs News Online should not have drawn this matter to our attention. Freedom of the press is a big problem.

  3. A recent news item has Clive Palmer suggesting that he may be a FIFO parliamentarian if he gets elected.
    Always the trend-setter, Alice Springs has gotten there first.
    Good onya, Councillor Booth, and I mean that. One question: Will your new employees be attending Council meetings?
    There are some really good possibilities here.
    I so do love living in Alice Springs.

  4. If the information in this article is correct, Booth MUST step down immediately from Town Council.
    Not being a resident is sufficient reason for this, but is not the only reason.
    Based on his business activities, he is not of suitable character to be a leader of our town. The people of Alice Springs have been misled about his personal values.

  5. I wonder who the muscle will be. Which of the shareholders will be responsible for that department. I’d ask the question that maybe these blokes haven’t fully realised the consequences of the industry that they wish to attempt to make a buck out of. Having said that, it’s not illegal, so bat on.

  6. No Action in Alice apparently!
    Stand down now, you haven’t stepped up for the families of Alice Springs, have you Geoffrey. What have you achieved as a councillor during your term? Total waste of space.

  7. Sure you got the right house in the photo? That looks like Falkenberg’s house.
    [ED – It is 11 The Fairway, the address given in the ASIC document.]

  8. So what is everyone complaining about? The fact Geoff has to commute between WA and the NT for businesses he has set up? Or is it the fact Geoff is setting up a legitimate business? There is nothing illegal in what he and the others are doing. I don’t understand what everyone is complaining about. Minnie Maid has been in this town for years and years. If you don’t like Geoff, don’t vote for him. Don’t take cheap shots from the comfort of your computer. GROW UP ALICE.

  9. Come on, the bloke is providing for his family future, why not have a business like this?
    At least he is providing well for his family unlike a lot of other so-called men in Alice, get off his back.
    It’s not illegal and certainly not immoral, so where’s the issue. I think it’s with those who haven’t got the guts to dig into their own pockets and take a chance in life, pfft.

  10. Well this is interesting, I wonder if all council workers get a discount.
    I do hope that the councillor has no say or any chance to convince fellow councillors on the yes or no vote to having another brothel in the Alice.
    Must admit Mr Booth’s family values and mine are a little different.

  11. Isn’t it marvellous how the wowsers are never far from us? Yapping and nipping. And herding – always herding.
    That was a cheap shot, Kevin.

  12. Dear Sir – regarding 2. Kevin
    Posted September 27, 2013 at 11:35 am
    Dear Kevin if that is even your real name.
    While elected members must always put the community ahead of their own personal benefits, I don’t think anyone deserves your kind of comment particularly bringing in his family.
    To make such a terrible comment about Geoff’s wife and children is unforgivable. I ask the question to the ED: why allow these kind of terrible posts without the real name and address advertised, not just provided to you? In fact why allow them at all.
    Eli Melky
    [ED – The reference to Cr Booth’s family has been removed, by request of the writer. We know him; his name is Kevin. So far as we are concerned, news is a warts-and-all business. Some of it is distressing and ugly.]

  13. Onya Boothy … I think now we know what your “action” for Alice was all about.
    Serving the community is definitely a noble undertaking, however, “servicing” the community takes it to a whole new level.
    Good luck to you and your cohorts with your new business venture, sounds like you have the backing of some big wigs, mind you I am surprised at Imparja’s involvement – didn’t think this would fit their business model.


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