Little change in crimes against person, property offences down


There is little change to the statistics for the June 2013 quarter released today of crime against the person in Alice Springs. There is a sharp drop in property crime against last year but a rise when compared with the June 2011 quarter.
The total crime against the person figure was 448, slightly down from the 464 in the corresponding quarter last year which had exactly the same number as the June 2011 quarter.
There was one murder, the same as last year, none in the June 2011 quarter.
Other crimes (the figures are for the quarters of June 2013, June 2012, June 2011):
Homicide: 1, 2, 0.
Acts intending to cause injury: 403, 413, 403.
Sexual assault: 13, 16, 28.
Assaults associated with alcohol were up: 294, 284, 256.
Offences against property:
House break-ins: 124, 206, 84.
Commercial break-ins: 64, 127, 76.
Total property offences (a drop of nearly 500 on last year but more than in 2011): 933, 1427, 832.


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