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Beanie Fest: Quirky Centre head gear takes world by storm

What’s a beanie? How long have you got?
The idea to celebrate the funky headgear dates back to 1997 with a beanie party organised by Adi Dunlop.
By 2004 the craze had morphed into a fully-fledged festival that can be described only in superlatives: Unique, incredible amount of community participation, unique ties with local Aborigines, regional art form.
“Everyone, no matter who they are, needs a beanie to enjoy the outdoors during our crisp, cold winter nights,” says organiser Jo Nixon. “There is no limit to the shapes, textures, colours and patterns that are evolving.
“Central Australia now has a national – indeed, international –  reputation for the production of quirky beanies. We continue to be amazed by the strength of the interest in these old crafts, as well as the enthusiasm that reinvents traditional patterns into contemporary creative designs.
“We have no doubt that beanies are in.” Don’t believe it? Watch the movie!



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