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Territory, Federal Opposition on the same page

Sir – The new policy commitment for Northern Australia by the Federal Coalition is totally consistent with the vision of the Northern Territory Government.
The Coalition’s 2030 vision is a fantastic opportunity to put into practice long term plans and ideas about developing Australia’s north.
The Territory is well placed to become an economic powerhouse with an open-for-business attitude so it is great to hear the Federal Coalition also has a similar outlook. We should think big for Northern Australia.
Northern Australia is rich with opportunities because of its natural, geographic and strategic assets but many of these remain underutilised.
Northern Australia, and the Northern Territory in particular, is the logical gateway to Asia’s economic powerhouses and we should be making the most of our strategic location. Investment in infrastructure is crucial to achieving our potential and we will happily work with an Abbott Government, if elected.
There has been a long debate about whether or not trade development and strategic economic zones, which already operate in many parts of the world, would unlock the untapped potential of Northern Australia.  There are already many synergies with Western Australia and Queensland for developing whole-of-Northern Australia strategies.
Adam Giles
Chief Minister


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